Charlottesville City Council Votes to Remove Statue of 'Stonewall' Jackson

Charlottesville City Council Votes to Remove Statue of 'Stonewall' Jackson

Charlottesville City Council Votes to Remove Statue of 'Stonewall' Jackson

Patterson is the plaintiff in this temporary restraining order against Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and the entire City Council. But Bragdon Bowling said the group canceled its plans after the violence in Charlottesville, telling reporters he did not "want to be part of an event where people are hurt or killed".

"The foundation is that there may be constitutional issues and they trump the heritage protection act", said Allen Wade, attorney for Memphis City Council.

"The city of Dallas does not hold title to that statue, OK?" The sculptures would be sent back to their respective states, or to the Smithsonian Museum if the states don't claim them, within 120 days after the bill passes.

The judge said the ruling came down to two things.

The statue would remain, however, while a lawsuit over it and the Lee monument plays out. The message, once again, was white supremacy, bigotry, and hate. "We've got a long way to go, and taking the statues down isn't going to solve that problem, but we can go work together now". The statue will eventually be removed. For example, we could learn that if Lee, his armies, and his battle flags had won the Civil War, we would have slavery today in Virginia.

The task force on Confederate monuments held its first public input meeting Thursday evening to discuss the future of the statue and possible renaming of Lee Park.

The Civil War is a war that never ends, much to our dismay.

Duke University President Vincent Price said in a letter to the campus community: "I took this course of action to protect Duke Chapel, to ensure the vital safety of students and community members who worship there, and above all to express the deep and abiding values of our university". "We're here to make some decisions in 2017".

The resolution had also reportedly proposed changing the names of roads and parks in the area that are associated with the Confederacy. Stuart, the prominent Confederate cavalry commander and major general. Greater said the statues enforce ideals of racism and bigotry. "It's a place where they are buried".

Frustrated task force member Jo Trizila voiced concerns during council member discussion "about the speed in which we are working".

The Mayor's Task Force on Confederate Monuments will meet again September 15 at 2 discuss streets in Dallas named after Confederate figures. A court has blocked the removal of the Lee statue from another park pending the outcome of a legal challenge that will likely now include the Jackson statue, Dickler said.

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