Death toll from Mexico's quake rises to 60, with 200 injured

Death toll from Mexico's quake rises to 60, with 200 injured

Death toll from Mexico's quake rises to 60, with 200 injured

Mexico's National Seismological Service said the temblor, which struck at 11:49pm Thursday local time, reached 8.2 magnitude. Tremors were felt as far away as Mexico City, more than 1-thousand kilometers from the epicenter, and also in Guatemala City. In Tabasco state, two children were left dead, one a baby who died in hospital after the power went out, the Associated Press reported.

Guatemalan President confirmed the death of one person in the country.

At least 61 people have died in Mexico after the country was struck by its most powerful quake in a century.

A powerful quake struck off the Pacific coast of Mexico Thursday night, just as the country is preparing for the landfall of Hurricane Katia in the Gulf.

The worst destruction appeared to be in Juchitan, Oaxaca, where a total of 17 people have been pulled from fallen properties.

Throughout Twitter, witnesses to the quake posted videos of buildings, business centers, and public monuments faltering across Mexico.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the natural disaster was slightly stronger than the magnitude 8 quake of 1985 that killed thousands and devastated large parts of Mexico City, the AP said.

No major damage has been reported in the capital, but the city is dealing with power outages.

Authorities said they were evacuating residents in Puerto Madero in Chiapas as a precaution due to the tsunami alert, the AP reported.

Mexican officials said Friday at least 32 people had died.

The quake triggered waves as high as 2.3 ft (0.7 m) in Mexico, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said.

The death toll will nearly certainly rise, officials said.

Green light flashes: Yahoo News reported that mysterious green and blue flashes lit up the sky outside of Mexico City following the natural disaster.

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