Democrats on rise after cutting funding deal with Trump

Residents and pets are evacuated from their homes

Residents and pets are evacuated from their homes as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise in Houston on Aug. 28 2017

"It's straight out of The Art of the Deal".

The president called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday morning to confirm his willingness to work with them.

"[It was] a bold political move, free of ideology, that could clear the September decks for tax reform", Andrew Malcolm, a conservative columnist for McClatchy, told LifeZette in an email. "This lets him do that".

After leaving Republicans, who wanted an 18-month extension, high and dry, Trump enthused about his Democratic partners, mooted a future deal on the fate of undocumented migrants brought to the USA as children. "So the president wanted to make sure that we are - are going together as Republicans and Democrats to respond to this". "You gave the Democrats a gun to your head".

Immigration activists fume that Schumer and Pelosi could have driven a harder bargain to protect Dreamers now, instead of somewhere down the road.

Trump and Ryan discussed priorities such as tax reform, the budget, funding for recovery from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, raising the debt ceiling and a continuing resolution to keep the government funded. The joke was in reference to the House Freedom Caucus, a group of hard-line conservatives who oppose clean debt limit increases and are increasingly and publicly frustrated at the lack of progress so far this year on the GOP's legislative promises.

When it came to Trump's decision to end Obama's policy of recruiting transgenders in the USA military and paying for their hormone treatments and sex change surgeries-as well as their salaries and benefits while they're in transition-many also suggested they would want new members of Congress.

"He insists on loyalty, never gives any back", said John Weaver, who worked on Ohio Gov. John Kasich's bid for the GOP presidential nomination a year ago.

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Mnuchin attended the closed-door meeting with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, a former House Republican, to pitch the legislation to skeptical House Republicans. And despite their occasional political differences, the Republican President and the Democratic senator have a lot in common.

But what, conservatives asked, was Ryan's plan in the first place?

Trump is simply recognizing that the politics of hostage-taking no longer favor the Republican leadership now that they control all three branches of government.

Ties between Mr Trump and congressional Republicans have frayed over the lawmakers' failure to deliver on key legislation and the President's constant badgering and personal attacks against them. Trump "made the decision" that billions of dollars needed to help clean up Harvey- money that will flow through some of the government's most inefficient agencies- is so important that he jumped at the opportunity to grease a Democrat preferred spending increase. "He's a guy who played a business guy on TV". And given Trump's continued struggles in the dealmaking department, especially with Republicans, don't be surprised if they're stifling smiles again come December.

Some lawmakers responded to Mnuchin's remark with a reminder that they work for their constituents and not for him. Only 51 percent of Democrats said they would re-elect officials who opposed the policy. But Republicans in Congress are so bitterly divided that a majority of them might be willing to isolate purist partisans and join in the bipartisan frenzy, if only on some issues.

"These relationships are completely transactional and there is no philosophical affinity required", said Michael D'Antonio, author of the book "The Truth About Trump" and a CNN commentator. "Other than blocking the Russian Federation investigation, I'm not sure what he wanted". He continued by overturning excessive regulations that restrained our energy industry and others, repealing some rules that had never even been reported to Congress.

A trained chimp could probably get it done, but can Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell? Voting on the debt limit is politically toxic for Republicans, and the deal will make the GOP vote twice before next year's midterm elections.

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