Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Breaks Pre-order Records

According to a report coming from South Korea, the Galaxy Note 8 is on course to overtake the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in terms of sales. Now, Samsung is all set to release it's latest flagship in India. Read on to learn if the Note8 has what it takes to be a hit.

In addition, there are many Galaxy Note 4 owners who are now eagerly waiting for an upgrade while the Note 5 owners are also entering their two-year upgrade cycle, especially in the absence of the Note 7. It largely improves upon it's sibling, the Galaxy S8 Plus. The has a reassuring heft and is easy to hold.

The Google Pixel 2 generation has been linked with the new Snapdragon 836 processor, which would be a major coup for Google. That brisk performance extends to split-screen apps with no hint of slowdown and without draining the battery quickly. With the Note8, the stylus tracks more smoothly and accurately than before. Samsung's Always On display mode is also present in the smartphone. Storage capacity in both the models is expandable up to 256GB through a microSD card. The handset also appears with the fresh Bixby voice-assistant feature. The Android version of the phone is not specified yet but it will be Android Nougat. The tinkerers at iFixit regularly pull apart expensive smartphones and try to put them back together again - all in the name of science.

There's a 6.3-inch 2K AMOLED Infinity Display at the front and a 12MP + 12MP dual camera setup at the back.

There are several reasons to love the screen and design, like Netflix HDR support, but these are the important ones worth mentioning. On the subsequent "My Stickers" screen, you can then rearrange the order of the sticker and stamp packs by tapping the "edit" button in the corner and then using the grab handles to slide the options up or down. The fingerprint scanner is mounted at the rear alongside camera module and there is 3.5mm audio jack too. Apple can consider itself to be the premium manufacturer of the three, even though Samsung shifts massive numbers of units and delivers outstanding devices.

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