Syrian Army Controls Entire Damascus-Deir el-Zour Highway — Hezbollah

Syrian Army Controls Entire Damascus-Deir el-Zour Highway — Hezbollah

Syrian Army Controls Entire Damascus-Deir el-Zour Highway — Hezbollah

The aid delivery comes only two days after Syrian troops and allied fighters breached a three-year-long Islamic State siege of parts of the city.

An army official said the operations killed a number of IS terrorists, as well as destroying their weapons and equipment. "And all kinds of pastries", he added.

The subsequent chaos has drawn in the US, Russia and regional powers with peace talks failing to resolve a war. People are going to be saying: where did the money flow?

Coalition spokesperson Col. Ryan Dillon tweeted Sunday afternoon the SDF had taken more than 250 square kilometres of territory since launching the operation.

The dead included 18 prisoners and five Islamic State militants. It reiterated that "the avoidance of civilian casualties is our highest priority when conducting strikes against legitimate military targets", but noted that casualties are inevitable in street-by-street battles with militants. But the group is quickly running out of fighters, supplies and escape routes. "There was a shortage of healthcare staff too, and very few surgeons". "God willing, no one will taste what we went through".

In 2016, the United States offered a $3 million bounty for information leading to Khalimov's location or arrest.

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"No more hunger after today", the governor of Deir Ezzor told Syrian state TV. The 24-year-old's beaming face was framed by a bright fuchsia-coloured headscarf.

Twitter user @KyleWOrton posted: 'That man is Tarad al-Jarba and he was promoted some time ago. The convoy, which initially consisted of 17 vehicles, has been stalled in the Deir al-Zor region since Aug. 29.

The US-backed fighters are up against a huge challenge to reach Deir el-Zour, especially while they are still fighting to liberate Raqqa from IS.

According to the War Media channel operated by regime ally Hezbollah, Syrian troops seized full control of the 450- kilometre (280-mile) road linking the capital to Deir Ezzor for the first time in four years. Al-Shimali (also known as Tirad Al-Jarba) was an Iraqi-born Saudi Arabia citizen who defected from Al-Qaeda to ISIL in 2015.

"I've been waiting for this moment for years", she said.

"We are in the killing-Isis business".

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