Trump allows new weapons sales to South Korea, Japan

South Korean residents and protesters clash with police officers before the arrival of U.S. missile defense system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or THAAD in Seongju South Korea Thursday Sept. 7 2017. Seoul's Defense Ministry on Thursday

Trump allows new weapons sales to South Korea, Japan

Putin and Moon met on the sidelines of an economic summit in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok amid mounting global concerns that their shared neighbor plans more weapons tests, possibly a long-range missile launch ahead of a key weekend anniversary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned North Korea for escalating tensions in the region by detonating a nuclear device, but warned that sanctions alone will not force the rogue regime to curb its weapons program, according to reports.

During the election campaign, Moon stated that deploying THAAD is an option if North Korea conducts another nuclear test, and if Pyongyang can not be controlled by China. The news met tough reaction of the world community.

The South Korean presidential spokesman quoted Putin as saying that Russian Federation was concerned that the blockage of oil supplies would hurt civilians including hospitals.

Without the political and diplomatic tools, it is extremely hard to move the situation around.

The remark was a clear rejection of Moon's requests.

While some Moon supporters who oppose THAAD deployment accuse the president of "betraying" them, the government and the presidential office maintains that the move was unavoidable, and necessary in light of the growing North Korean threat. "But we will not be putting up with what's happening in North Korea", Trump told reporters, though he offered no specifics.

Trump is scheduled to have his first conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping since the nuclear test at 9 a.m. ET Wednesday. "But we are concerned that cutting the oil supply will hurt civilians and places such as hospitals".

Speaking at an economic forum in Russia's eastern port of Vladivostok, Putin said Thursday he believes the Trump administration is "willing to resolve the situation".

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Putin's rejection for Moon's pleas for help was not a surprise. The country's official news wire quoted a senior official Wednesday expressing pure joy over Pyongyang's nuclear prowess.

Moon's failure to persuade Putin makes it clear that an upcoming United Nations resolution to punish the North will be another slap on the wrist. It remains to be seen whether China, the North's biggest ally and trade partner, would cooperate.

Sweden has urged its citizens to refrain from unnecessary trips to North Korea following the country's sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date. They are generally hired in the logging and mining industries, receiving relatively high incomes.

Moon Jae-in, who postured as a THAAD opponent during his election campaign, ordered the full deployment in late July after North Korea tested a long-range Hwaseong-14 ballistic missile.

Tokyo sees the initiative as paving the way toward resolving the long-standing territorial dispute over the islands and signing of a post-World War II peace treaty, while Russian Federation hopes to attract investments to the underdeveloped region. "But I believe the current conditions require us to strongly condemn North Korea's risky provocations and pressure the North, and that right now is not the time for dialogue".

It's all complicated by growing fears in both South Korea and Japan that their current arrangements for nuclear protection from the USA may not be reliable. "Especially regarding the new East policy you are pursuing and the new defense policy I am pursuing, it makes me feel that we are dreaming the same dream", said Moon.

U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said on Thursday that if North Korea wants a response after a nuclear attack, "there will be one".

Liu said the suspension-for-suspension proposal and dual-track approach put forward by China together with the Russian proposal of a step-by-step approach is a realistic and feasible roadmap for the settlement of the issue.

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