Drain the Swamp? Bannon says McConnell told Trump to 'BACK OFF'

The latest was two-term Rep. Dave Trott of Michigan who said in a statement Monday that he'd decided after careful consideration that the best course for him was to spend more time with his family and return to the private sector

Drain the Swamp? Bannon says McConnell told Trump to 'BACK OFF'

Bannon, who has returned to his former position at the helm of Breitbart News, singled out prominent Bush administration veterans, sarcastically calling them "geniuses" who ended up being wrong about America's crucial foreign policy challenges.

ROSE: Someone told me you described the firing of James Comey - you're a student of history - as the biggest mistake in political history.

He added that Comey's departure directly spawned the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into possible collaboration between the Trump administration and Russian Federation to interfere in the 2016 election.

It's unclear exactly when these interviews might take place, as Mueller and his staff have been keeping quiet on the details of their investigation. He asked Bannon if he believes that the Russians tried to influence the election.

Bannon said Washington should force Beijing to act against North Korea by imposing tougher sanctions even if it hurts the USA economy.

Bannon said Mitch McConnell and "to a degree" Paul Ryan "do not want Donald Trump's populist, economic, nationalist agenda to be implemented".

When Stephen Bannon left his role as President Trump's chief strategist last month, he vowed to continue fighting for his former boss.

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To hear him tell it, Bannon was the most loyal.

The Trump administration announced that it would rescind DACA, which protects undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S.as minors from deportation, in six months. It was a long list, as he declared war against the Republican congressional leadership, called on top Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn to resign, and outlined his views on issues ranging from immigration to trade. Bannon speaks entirely without any sense of guilt over what he has done to modern politics, or the country, in feeding his rancid ideas into the Trump campaign and presidency.

Bannon admitted that saying it was the biggest political mistake ever would be "too bombastic" even for him. McConnell has repeatedly expressed concern to the White House about the danger primaries pose to his members, stressing that it could imperil his narrow four-seat majority, according to three people with direct knowledge of the discussions. "And you seem to want to turn it around and stop it".

"Have you seen the intelligence reports", he asked Rose, later adding that he has seen them.

"They're idiots, and they've gotten us in this situation, and they question a good man like Donald Trump", Mr Bannon said.

Bannon was ousted in mid-August amid a reshuffling of power within the White House.

Excerpts from the Bannon were released by CBS throughout the week, and while the interview was notable for being Bannon's first television interview, there was little said that would surprise someone who has been following the arc of Bannon's career.

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