Putin says sanctions, pressure alone won't resolve North Korea crisis

North Korea's minister of external economic relations, who is at the forum, said his country will "respond to barbaric attempts to exert pressure by the U.S. by our strong countermeasures", according to the Russian state-run news agency Tass.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his South Korean counterpart that cutting off oil exports to North Korea would violate humanitarian norms, South Korea said, signaling that Moscow would likely block USA -led efforts to impose an oil embargo on Pyongyang following its sixth nuclear test. ...

North Korean officials are also expected to participate in the two-day conference, which will be held in the wake of Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test on Sunday, its most powerful to date.

Last month, Pyongyang´s latest missile test drew unanimous condemnation from the UN Security Council - but Sunday´s apparent hydrogen bomb detonation revealed an underlying diplomatic rift.

Moon, who took office this year advocating a policy of pursuing engagement with North Korea, has come under increasing pressure to take a harder line.

But many countries do business with North Korea - especially China, a top US trading partner and economic behemoth.

On Wednesday, Washington demanded an oil embargo on Pyongyang and a freeze on the foreign assets of its leader Kim Jong-Un in a dramatic bid to force an end to the perilous nuclear stand-off.

However, Russia has reacted coolly to the prospect of more sanctions, with Putin saying on Tuesday it was a "road to nowhere".

The two leaders felt Russian and Chinese involvement was paramount and agreed to work towards that goal, Yoon said.

Speaking at an economic forum in Russia's eastern port of Vladivostok, Putin said Thursday he believes the Trump administration is "willing to resolve the situation".

Russian Federation and China opposed the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, system, saying it has the potential of fueling an arms race.

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No, that's not going to happen any time soon, much to the chagrin of some of the ideologues and idealists counting on him to say yes to just about anything North Korea wants. "We must not yield to emotions or try to drive North Korea into a corner".

The leaders, meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, also agreed on coordinating bilaterally and with the United States, their mutual security ally, to call on China and Russia in dealing with threats from North Korea, according to a Japanese official who was at the talks.

Moon, the son of North Korean refugees, has continued to seek dialogue even as he bolsters South Korea's defenses.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will discuss North Korea with the leaders of Russian Federation and South Korea at an economic forum and will seek ways to get the North to change its policy.

China will likely step up its retaliations against South Korea.

Washington's military buildup is not primarily aimed at North Korea, an impoverished country that was almost entirely destroyed by the USA in the 1950-1953 Korean War.

"Doing so augments allied deterrence and defense capabilities, furthers the trend of South Korea assuming a larger responsibility for its defense, and another means of reassuring the South Korean government and public that the United States understands its ally's defense requirements".

Putin called on all North Korea's neighbors to show restraint, indicating the bellicose rhetoric and the military drills are only "playing into their hands".

North Korea could ramp up its weapons testing in a game of militarized chicken as the United Nations weighs imposing tougher sanctions on the country, analysts said.

But it is effective for shielding at least a part of the country from certain North Korean missiles and more importantly, symbolizes alliance between South Korea and the USA, which is the most effective deterrent to the North. Opposition would only please North Korea and China.

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