U.S. pushes oil embargo on N. Korea, takes aim at Kim Jong

U.S. pushes oil embargo on N. Korea, takes aim at Kim Jong

U.S. pushes oil embargo on N. Korea, takes aim at Kim Jong

Pyongyang marks its founding anniversary each year with a big display of pageantry and military hardware.

Just days after North Korea's nuclear test detonation, Han Tae Song, the North Korean ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, told a disarmament conference the US could expect more "more gift packages".

North Korea claims that leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the test of a hydrogen bomb on Sunday that could be attached to a missile capable of reaching the USA homeland.

Earlier on Thursday President Donald Trump said he'd prefer to avoid military action, but previous diplomatic efforts have failed to pressure Pyongyang from developing its missiles.

The United States has circulated a draft of a new U.N. sanctions resolution about North Korea to Security Council members, pushing to get it to a vote next Monday.

Putin explained at length to Moon that sanctions won't work on North Korea and that halting its oil supply would damage hospitals, his foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov said after the meeting, echoing the Russian leader's earlier remarks that such action would be "useless and ineffective".

A South Korean defence ministry spokesman said there were no signs of the North preparing a missile launch or a nuclear test on Saturday.

Trump cast doubt that further negotiations could work, however, saying that U.S. presidents have been "talking and talking and talking" to North Korea for 25 years while North Korea has been developing its nuclear capability. This would also apply to any other vessels designated by the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea. With previous sanctions resolutions, the US spent weeks and sometimes months negotiating the text with China and then presenting a resolution to the rest of the Security Council for a vote.

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EX-NBA star Dennis Rodman says he wanted to "straighten things out" between his BFF Kim Jong-un and President Trump as the two leaders face off over the rogue regime's nuke program.

The bid for the toughest penalties yet against North Korea comes despite renewed warnings against such moves by the leaders of China and Russian Federation, which have veto power in the Security Council. Putin said that while North Korea's nuclear test violates worldwide law, more talks are needed to address the problem.

It was not immediately clear if the draft resolution had the support of North Korean ally China.

The proposed resolution identifies nine cargo vessels that have carried out activities for North Korea prohibited by previous United Nations sanctions resolutions and would subject them to inspection by government warships, vessels or aircraft.

"Hopefully we're not going to have to use it on North Korea", he said during a joint press conference at the White House with Kuwaiti Emir Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah. It does still have more leverage on its neighbour than any other country because it supplies most of the oil to North Korea, which in turn fuels Kim Jong-un's military and industrial machinery.

Zhao Tong, a Beijing-based North Korea expert at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center, said Pyongyang may hope Washington ultimately will recognize it has developed a credible nuclear capability, abandon its long-standing precondition for talks - that North Korea accept that they be aimed at its nuclear disarmament - and instead seek the freezing its nuclear program.

Geng told reporters that China had complained to the USA and South Korea and urged them to "take seriously the security concerns and interests of China and other regional countries". Last week's test was the sixth the North has conducted since 2006.

North Korea sparked global condemnation following its sixth underground nuclear test.

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