AR Storm Chaser Follows Eye of Irma

AR Storm Chaser Follows Eye of Irma

AR Storm Chaser Follows Eye of Irma

Irma battered the Florida Keys and wreaked havoc the length of the Florida peninsula.

During its rainy, windy run up the full 400-mile length of Florida, Irma swamped homes, uprooted trees, flooded streets, snapped miles of power lines and toppled construction cranes.

Rain from Irma was already falling on the state early Monday and would continue to spread to the north and west through the day.

Lakeland, Florida, police rescued a family from Hurricane Irma flood waters early Monday after their auto became submerged. Hurricane Jose skirted the northeast corner of the Caribbean over the weekend, prompting a full-scale evacuation of the tiny island of Barbuda - which Irma nearly totally destroyed just four days earlier. At least two dozen people died in the storm there and reports suggested almost all buildings on some islands had been destroyed.

Also, more than 70 percent of the customers of the two largest electric utilities in Florida were without power, according to the State Emergency Response Team.

The widespread outages stretch from the Florida Keys all the way into central Florida.

The US military was deploying air search and rescue missions as well as two amphibious warships in addition to the aircraft carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln which arrived there Sunday night. Scott flew over the Keys and says he saw a lot of flood damage and boats that had washed ashore.

"I just hope everybody survived", he said.

Louis Freeman, a Miami-based radiologist, said he returned home after working for 48 hours straight during Hurricane Irma to find his property in turmoil.

AR Storm Chaser Follows Eye of Irma
AR Storm Chaser Follows Eye of Irma

State officials in North Carolina said Sunday that they were still watching carefully where Irma tracks. Its eye finally spun out of Florida on Monday and was moving inland, first over south Georgia as the storm system gradually weakened.

"US 1, the only road that comes in and out of the Florida Keys, there's three choke points - there are three places that are completely inaccessible".

In Naples, near where Irma made its second landfall in southwest Florida after initially striking the Keys, winds reached as high as 142 miles per hour.

"HELP IS ON THE WAY", they promised on Facebook.

"The task we have before us is huge but, with a peoplelike ours, we will win the most important battle: the recovery".

When will theme parks reopen? .

Hurricane Irma broke records for sustaining 185mph winds for 37 hours.

The airport in Jacksonville said the terminal building would be open again around 3 a.m. starting on Tuesday morning. Schools in the state planned to close Monday. Sea World also said all of its animals are safe.

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