Fellow Nobel Winner Urges Suu Kyi to Stop Rohingya Persecution

The Rohingya are being forced out of Myanmar and the UN has been investigating

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Meanwhile, UN in Bangladesh estimates the number of refugees fleeing Myanmar since August 25 could have reached 300,000. In Karachi, more than 2,000 people demonstrated outside the Karachi Press Club, media reports said.

She says there is an urgent need for more temporary shelters.

In a statement, the demonstrators condemned the global silence on the ongoing crimes against Rohingya in Myanmar and called on the worldwide community to take action to restore the rights of the oppressed Muslims. The crackdowns on them by the security forces in 2012, 2015 and late 2016 were among the most horrifying, with thousands of women, children and the elderly being killed and hundreds of thousands crossing over to Bangladesh, in journeys in which numerous lucky ones drowned in the tortuous passage.

It is not known how many Rohingya remain in Rakhine State, previously there had been around one million. The government does not recognise them as citizens, effectively rendering them stateless. "Tens of thousands-nearly 100,000- of people are either displaced or killed; their corpses are set on fire and so are their homes".

Thailand is well aware of how its Mae Sot border checkpoint has been used as a gateway to sneak trained terrorists and possibly smuggle arms and ammunition through to Rakhine state by the likes of the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations.

Violence erupted again in Rakhine State almost two weeks ago after security forces launched fresh operations against the Rohingya.

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"The Myanmar Army is one of only a handful of state forces worldwide, along with North Korea and Syria, to still openly use antipersonnel landmines". An worldwide treaty in 1997 outlawed their use.

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The Turkish Red Crescent has distributed aid worth $2.5 million for Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh, Bora Tumer, the head of the group's Bangladesh delegation, told Anadolu Agency. Both incidents occurred on Sunday.

However, he said that Bangladesh had previously handed over two "terrorists" after being given their names by Myanmar.

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Maungdow township under a pseudonym, Anwar, 25, said there was a "sustained and targeted military campaign against Muslims".

Communicating through the State Counsellor's Facebook page, she made these comments in a call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Bangladeshi border guards block people from crossing. This is not to mention that the tip of the Rakhine state border to the Indian state of Mizoram is about 100 kilometres apart.

So far, global aid agencies have released more than £6 million in emergency aid to help the refugees.

Rohingya militants reportedly attacked several police and border outposts in Burma on the 24th of August, and in response the government said it launched "clearance operations" which initially killed 77 Rohingya people. Cuba evacuated tourists from beachside resorts and Floridians emptied stores of plywood and bottled water after Hurricane Irma left at least 20 people dead and thousands homeless on a devastated string of Caribbean islands and spun toward Florida for what could be a catastrophic blow this weekend. The government viewed the migration that took place during the British rule as "illegal", and this led many Buddhists to consider the Rohingya offensively as "Bengali", a recent invention created for political reasons. All this is to say: populations of minority Muslim groups around the world have and continue to endure extreme forms of violence and state-sponsored persecution and discrimination. The Myanmar government considers the Rohingya to be economic migrants from Bangladesh, and has never granted them citizenship, even though most can show their families have been in the country for generations.

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