Harvey, Irma estimated to cost $290 billion in US

Catastrophic destruction

Catastrophic destruction

The research concluded that climate warming was likely to cause hurricanes in the coming century to be more intense globally and to have higher rainfall rates than present-day hurricanes.

"The northeast coast, the coast of Georgia and southern coast of SC, are some of the most vulnerable storm surge areas on the entire East Coast because the continental shelf is so shallow", Long continued.

Many of these impacts are avoidable.

A total of 1,833 people were said to have lost their lives due to the severe damage caused by Katrina, which resulted in wind damage, destruction, failure of levee systems in New Orleans and extensive storm surge damage along the Louisiana-Mississippi-Alabama coasts. (Pruitt told CNN in a phone interview last week now is "not the time" to discuss climate change). "In the next couple of weeks we could see (retail) gas prices fall 10 to 15 cents". For Irma, it raised its estimate for that loss to $2.75 billion from its original projection of $.145 billion earlier this week.

The US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement estimated that 22% of oil production and 23% of natural gas production in the Gulf had been shut down, leading to surging regional oil prices.

The US President has long said climate change is a hoax, and recently pulled the US out of an global agreement made in Paris to combat it. To change the trajectory, we must alter our path.

An American Boeing 757 was scheduled to take off from O'Hare to Miami on Monday afternoon carrying supplies for the hurricane relief effort, as well as Chicago-based American employees to restart operations there. And Scott Pruitt, who Trump selected to appoint as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, was a key player in legal attempts to quash then-President Obama's Clean Power Plan, a set of policies created to combat climate change. Sea levels have been rising around the world, which makes storm surges much more risky. We must make our energy grid more resilient with solar and wind technology-both of which are quick to begin producing energy after a disaster. The reluctance to discuss climate change on this week's Sunday news shows follows a pattern that seems to be getting even worse.

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