Hurricane Irma: Miami Airport suffers 'significant water damage,' director tweets

Hurricane Irma: Miami Airport suffers 'significant water damage,' director tweets

Hurricane Irma: Miami Airport suffers 'significant water damage,' director tweets

Tampa International Airport also is closed as Hurricane Irma moves up the Florida peninsula.

The only one he could get was a 48-hour trek that would have taken him through Hong Kong.

Almost 7,000 flights to or from Florida have now been canceled because of Irma, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware. The airline also temporarily paused baggage and pet-in-cabin fees for those airports.

Miami International, Florida's busiest airport, will not be open today after some of its terminals were damaged, USA Today reports.

Jacksonville International Airport is closed as the city is still dealing with heavy rains and flooding from Irma. An Army volunteer was supposed to fly to Florida to help with relief efforts in Orlando, but outgoing flights were cancelled.

"The bigger concern for any of the leisure divisions of these carriers - Transat, Air Canada Vacations, WestJet Vacations, Sunwing - is: What will the condition of the tourism infrastructure be after Irma goes", said airline industry consultant Robert Kokonis, president of AirTrav Inc. American Airlines has capped Main Cabin fares at $99 each way from airports affected in Florida as well as Charleston, S.C., Hilton Head, S.C., Myrtle Beach, S.C. and Savannah, Ga.

A JetBlue spokesman said flights leaving Florida through next Wednesday were sold out. Meanwhile, more than 4,600 flights have been canceled from September 1 through tomorrow at airports in Irma's path, according to, a tracking website. The airline extended cancellations in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic through Friday and scrubbed flights in Cuba and the Bahamas Friday and Saturday.

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Spirit Airlines:Canceled all flights for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Both trips were previously scheduled flights for smaller mainline jets. Log on to for details going forward.

As residents of the Miami area and the Florida Keys scrambled to flee the path of Hurricane Irma Friday, JetBlue remained among a number of airlines that pledged to cap ticket prices to allow people to evacuate as quickly as possible.

While MIA is optimistic they can partially reopen starting Tuesday, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport's timetable is in limbo.

Gobeil says the airport created an overflow parking plan to allow planes unable to land in areas such as Florida to park at the airport in Atlanta.

Nevertheless, forecasters warned that its hurricane-force winds were so wide they could reach from coast to coast, testing the country's third most populous state, which has undergone rapid development and passed more stringent hurricane-proof building codes in the last decade or so. That's an improvement over the 61% of outlets that did not have gas Saturday afternoon.

Southwest operates a major base in Fort Lauderdale, as does Spirit Airlines.

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