Irma brings floods to Florida, Georgia coast

Irma brings floods to Florida, Georgia coast

Irma brings floods to Florida, Georgia coast

However, with more than 6.5 million account holders sitting in the dark, the vast majority of outages are in the Sunshine State, according to Florida Power & Light, Florida's largest electric utility company.

The storm did some $20 billion to $40 billion in damage to insured property as it tore through Florida, catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide estimated.

The storm spent 3.25 days as a category 5 hurricane, the longest in the satellite era (i.e., since 1966), and tying with the 1932 Hurricane of Santa Cruz del Sur for the longest category 5 lifetime ever.

President Donald Trump approved a major disaster declaration as Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida Sunday.

Florida Governor Rick Scott expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased.

After leaving millions without power across the state of Florida, the storm's winds have felled trees and power lines across Georgia. But the storm maintained its reach, with tropical-storm-force winds reaching more than 400 miles. Greg, thanks so much for joining us. By Sunday evening, her strength had been downgraded to a Category 2, but Irma still packed a big punch. So that's affecting a lot of territory here in Florida. The plan is to drop off damage assessment teams in Key West before traveling to Opa-locka in the afternoon.

"We were the little engine that did it", Murphy told reporters.

This means that theoutsizedenergy output of Irma has more destructive potential that is more than three times of what Hurricane Harvey's was.

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ALLEN: Well, now, it's a little bit north of Naples, heading toward Fort Myers, another populous area here in Florida.

Buckhorn said areas along the Tampa Bay shoreline could expect a risky storm surge anywhere from 3 to 8 feet, adding that it would depend on where Irma went. It's an area that hasn't seen a hurricane in some 100 years.

"The storm surge will rush in and could kill you".

At the very least, the tiny island is back open after bracing for the historic storm, Marco Island Fire Rescue Chief Mike Murphy said Monday.

"I will tell you in no uncertain terms - and I am not going to sugarcoat it - this is going to be a hard storm", Buckhorn said at the news conference. And then as it shifted west, a lot of people here kind of relaxed a little bit. The Miami-Dade Police Department announced Sunday morning that they were pulling deputies from off the streets during the storm and would briefly be unable to respond to emergency calls.

Around noon on Sunday, people started noticing that water levels in Tampa Bay area waterways were receding. We saw a lot of trees down. Georgia Power says at least 1.2 million people in the state are without power.

Flooding has caused property damage in the low-lying Keys as Hurricane Irma unleashes its power. "That will take weeks".

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