Sweet 16 as Rafael Nadal describes his 'very special year'

Sweet 16 as Rafael Nadal describes his 'very special year'

Sweet 16 as Rafael Nadal describes his 'very special year'

Rafael Nadal won th U.S. Open on Sunday, the 16th Grand Slam title in his career.

Firstly in Australia in January, Federer ― who was then 35 and is now 36 ― rolled back the years to win his first Grand Slam tournament in almost five years, prompting a great deal of nostalgia from fans who assumed his success was merely the final grand hurrah from an era-defining performer.

Ruthless and relentless, the revamped Rafa has hit his forehand deeper and 3 mph faster- 76 mph to 73 - on average this year than when he won his first US Open in 2010 and his second serve 8 mph faster - 95 mph to 87.

World number 32 Anderson was the lowest-ranked US Open men's finalist since the ATP rankings began 44 years ago.

Murray missed the final major tournament of the season with a hip injury. The brilliant and awe revealing performance by Rafael taught the component some of the essentials of how to play the match with complete dominant sets of 6-3, 6-3, and the treat last set 6-4.

This year I was convinced nobody would catch Federer but now Rafa has No.16, so who will end up with the most slams? And yet he holds the Open trophy - and he's the only man ever to win the French Open and U.S. Open in the same year three times.

"It was definitely hard", Anderson said, "and I think he had a pretty good read on my serve, and he was getting my serve games and he was holding quite comfortably".

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'As long as he's fit, he's favourite for the Australian, Wimbledon and the US Open'.

As well as being unmoved on his own serve, Nadal also expressed himself in the forecourt.

Be it his game style, training sessions, or, of course, the detailed superstitious routine before every point, game, set and match, Nadal functioned like a well-oiled machine that can devastate humans on a tennis court.

The two great Champions have now shared all the Grand Slams amongst themselves for the first time after eleven years.

Three examples highlight that, two of them being in Nadal's confidence-changing matches of the season. Nadal then dominated the Argentine star - who led his country to its first Davis Cup trophy previous year and beat Nadal at the Rio Olympics - in the semis, which was somewhat like winning a Democratic primary for mayor in Chicago. It was also just the latest Slam for the "Big 3" of men's tennis - Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic. "When I am in a negative moment, I don't go very down. I need to play at full energy and full motivation if I'm going to have my chances".

Against one of the greatest returners ever to walk the Earth, Anderson managed 10 aces, a commendable number but not enough to overcome the steep, uphill foe in question.

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