What happened to Hurricane Jose?

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More than 3.4 million homes in the state are without power, and parts of the city of Miami are under water.

Tampa International Airport is closed and will open Tuesday for commercial flights after Hurricane Irma hit Florida on Sunday and Monday, according to the airport's Twitter account, which has been responding to customer questions.

The storm weakened early Monday, with meteorologists downgrading it to category 1, the National Hurricane Center reported.

A storm chaser jeopardized his life when he stepped out of his vehicle and stood against the hurricane winds to measure its speed. "It'll be my last time".

Georgia Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Catherine Howden said Monday that one storm-related death has been confirmed in Worth County, about 170 miles south of Atlanta. Delta said that winds of 40 miles per hour or greater exceed the allowable limit for flights landing or taking off. Inspection teams were working to clear bridges and ensure their safety. As Mexico braced for Hurricane Katia, which followed a different path to Irma and Jose, the South-Eastern coast of Mexico was hit by a much greater menace, an 8.1 magnitude quake that left 61 people dead, half of the fatalities were in Juchitan.

Cuban officials say at least 10 people were killed by the storm there. Structures throughout the city still have standing water inside them, and there are still plenty of roads that can't be driven on.

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"Stay inside. Go up".

In and around Orlando, where the back end of the hurricane still lashed out with rain and high winds, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Sea World, all remained closed through Monday, Sept. 11. One area on Tybee Island experienced extreme flooding, affecting more than 3,000 residents.

Florida Power & Light, the state's major electricity provider, says it has almost 20,000 workers deployed around the state.

"You're on your own until we can actually get in there and it's safe", he told CNN. Miami had some flooding, but was spared the worst of the storm's wrath. Utility crews were on the streets there clearing downed trees and utility lines. Meantime Sanibel police were restricting traffic across the causeway.

Lee County said state and local Department of Transportation inspectors would check out the causeways to the coastal islands early Monday - and warned that "due to Hurricane Irma's significant wave action, the Sanibel Causeway may have been impacted".

It's not just high winds and water damage that continue to make it complicated for Florida's airports to reopen for business.

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