Dramatic image shows where Hurricane Irma may be headed

A weakening but still potent Hurricane Irma lashed Florida's Coast

Hurricane Irma Weakening but still potent aims full force at Florida's Gulf Coast

Seconds after exiting his car, the paintball mask he is wearing is ripped off and the storm chaser is almost swept away as he struggles to keep his footing.

More than 6.5 million people in the state are in an evacuation zone, but it is unclear how many have taken their lives in their hands and stayed put.

The Tropical Storm Warnings are discontinued for the Florida Keys, Florida Bay, the Florida east coast south of Jupiter Inlet, the Florida west coast south of Bonita Beach, and for the Northwestern Bahamas.

On Sunday, Irma claimed its first U.S. fatality-a man found dead in a pickup truck that had crashed into a tree in high winds in the town of Marathon, in the Florida Keys, local officials said.

Georgia and South Carolina are expected to face flooding later in the week as the storm continues north, with Tennessee and Alabama also likely to be affected though the power of the hurricane is expected to significantly subside.

Georgia reported more than 570,000 homes and businesses without electricity, and there were 80,000 in South Carolina.

"After the storm center passes Tampa, the wind will change from offshore to onshore and push water and large ocean surface waves onshore", he said, referring to the storm surge. In the Atlanta metro area, about 496 stations, or 12.2 percent, were out of gasoline, according to information service Gas Buddy.

The Communist Party newspaper Granma reported that the Jardines del Rey airport serving the northern keys was destroyed and posted photos to Twitter showing the shattered terminal hall littered with debris.

The good news is Hurricane Irma is weakening. It honestly sounds like somebody is just whistling at your window the whole night.

Even before Hurricane Irma impacted the mainland, at least 1.6 million Floridians had already lost power.

Others on the island were less fortunate, including the family of British DJ Laura Elliott, who are surrounded by a "collapsed jungle" and awaiting rescue.

Irma's wrath in the Sunshine State stretched hundreds of miles. "If the eye of the storm tracks to the west of the bays, the storm surge will be worse". "A t-shirt, anything white", the office said on its Facebook page.

One of those people was former 21 News anchor Cindy Matthews.

"Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA Relief Funds for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey", Trump wrote. By the weekend, models show a general slowing trend that could allow precipitation to fall through the front half of the weekend and perhaps into Sunday. Currently, Mount Holly's operational models suggest occasional showers and storms may occur in the Lehigh Valley Thursday in advance of the main low. There were no immediate reports of tornadoes touching down. Thn the hurricane was here.

Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long said Hurricane Irma is going to pose challenges for first responders.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has warned residents that storm surges could reach 10 to 15 feet above sea level in the Naples area.

The county administrator, Roman Gastesi, said crews would begin house-to-house searches Monday morning to check on survivors.

The massive storm triggered evacuation orders for 5.6 million people before it made two landfalls in the state Sunday. Their dog Rocky was also riding out the storm.

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