Dynastic politics: Rahul goes from being coy to comfortable

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi

India's institutions have over 70 years have built a profound understanding of our country. "We produced our men and women who compete with the world", he said, also referring to the IT revolution in 1980s.

"The politics of hate divides and polarizes India, making millions of people feel that they have no future in their own country".

"This is what a national leader is supposed to say about his country on an global platform". He said GST could not have come without Congress support and a constitutional amendment is not possible even today without the support of the Congress and the combined opposition.

Gandhi had said at UC Berkeley that every Indian is a dynast, and Irani said that the BJP took serious offense to such a lie being propagated on foreign soil.

Downplaying Gandhi's comments against Prime Minister Modi, Irani said that it was not surprising rather was expected out of a failed dynast. "It was muted despite the outcry", the Law and Justice Minister said. "We are trying to clean up the mess created by Jawaharlal Nehru down the line by successive Congress party", he said. And we accept that India and the USA are going to get closer.

As a child, he was friends with Indira Gandhi's Sikh bodyguards who killed her by shooting her 32 times, he said.

Video footage of the event showed Lonikar castigating BJP workers for not staging a protest against the Congress vice president "in a democratic" manner after he criticised the Modi government over farmer suicides.

Another union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad dismissed Mr Gandhi's criticism of demonetisation suggesting that the Congress leader do his homework better.

"Whatever he said doesn't reflect the popular sentiments of the people of J-K or even people of India at large".

To a question on rebuilding the party, he said: "Any party in India that is in power for 10 years will run into a problem".

He also batted for India's diversity and plurality, which too is under threat from the rightwing forces, which want to homogenise the country along the Hindu majoritarian lines. "It is true that demonetisation has affected employment.What is the objection to this being said that demonetisation hurt the economy?" He said: "India's partition was the bloodiest migration recorded in history. The people of the country where he leads a political party no longer support him so he is expressing his pain overseas", she said.

When asked about repeated accusations of him being a reluctant politician, Rahul smartly turned the tables and accused a tremendous BJP machine, led by the prime minister, of spreading rumours and abuse about him.

In a rare bit of introspection, he also talked about what has led to the Congress party's decline.

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