North Korea rejects UN sanctions resolution, warns US

Japan's meteorological agency officer displays a chart showing seismic activity in North Korea in Tokyo

Japan's meteorological agency officer displays a chart showing seismic activity in North Korea in Tokyo

Monday's expected vote is seen as a key test of resolve for the council, who united last month to adopt a resolution meant to reduce the impoverished country's export earnings by up to a billion dollars.

Among other concessions the new text also softens proposed restrictions on North Koreans working overseas, and on the inspection by force of ships suspected of carrying cargo prohibited by the UN.

"We are acting in response to a unsafe new development", USA envoy Nikki Haley told the Security Council after the vote.

North Korea has yet to respond to the sanctions.

The International community condemned North Korea for testing the hydrogen bomb on August 27, marking the sixth time the isolated state has tested a nuclear weapon.

Russia's influence in North Korea isn't exactly new as the country has always supported the secretive state in some capacity. And it's unlikely to persuade Kim to halt his nuclear program and return to the negotiating table.

But these measures fall short of the stronger sanctions the USA called for after the Pyonyang regime detonated its sixth and most powerful nuclear device last week.

Additionally, the United States proposition calls for an immediate asset freeze on Kim Jong Un and the North Korean government for all financial assets held overseas.

"It's a partial victory", Richardson said Tuesday on Bloomberg TV. Since 2014, China has not released the amount of crude oil it has been sending to the North, but if sanctions are applied it would be obliged to make this figure public. Diplomats said China's United Nations ambassador, Liu Jieyi, who was on a Security Council trip to Ethiopia, flew back to NY on Thursday to take part in negotiations.

"The textile sanctions actually might have more impact, as they are probably a good source of value-added income - value added by people you don't have to pay much - for the regime", he said.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the world is "united against the illegal and reckless acts by the North Korean regime". It has voted unanimously on a new sanctions resolution.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in's office denied reports Seoul is exploring the possibility of relocating US tactical nuclear weapons to the peninsula.

To send a strong warning to the North, the South Korean military on Monday conducted a combined live-fire exercise involving the Hyunmoo 2A surface-to-surface ballistic missile and F-15K fighter jets.

Thornton noted that last month the USA rolled out new sanctions targeting Russian and Chinese individuals and entities. "If you are in a C-level suite in a bank in China you should be thinking about what's coming next". By cutting them off, the USA hopes to remove 500 million U.S. dollars from the North Korean government's budget.

It also prohibits North Korean imports of liquefied natural gas and condensates.

"The Korean defense minister just a few days ago called for nuclear weapons to be redeployed", the Arizona Republican said on the "State of the Union" program.

Peru said it would "carry out all diplomatic efforts aimed at denuclearizing the North Korean peninsula".

"We are very pleased with this package", the official said of the resolution, even though it required USA concessions to China and Russian Federation to win approval.

State Department and Treasury Department officials testified to the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the USA pressure campaign against North Korea's rapid progress toward a nuclear weapon that could strike America.

Haley has called the proposal insulting.

But the South's unification ministry described the statement as "the most low-key form of response from North Korea to UN Security Council resolutions". Short of a military conflict that analysts said could lead to millions of deaths and the destruction of Seoul, economic sanctions are among the few options available.

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