North Koreans wave off scientists preparing for MORE nuclear tests

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Monday to impose a new set of sanctions against North Korea after the United States compromised with Russian Federation and China who opposed an even harder line sought by the Trump administration. It then reportedly grew by almost 40 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, despite the adoption of particularly harsh United Nations sanctions in 2016 (resolutions 2270 in March and 2321 in November).

The US official said the ban on textile exports would deprive North Korea of some $726 million in annual revenue.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on the phone with US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday to discuss the possibility of new sanctions.

It was the eighth series of sanctions imposed on North Korea since it first tested a nuclear device in 2006.

"All options are on the table". "If South and North Korea take up nuclear arms it would trigger a rise in nuclear armament in Northeast Asia".

Whatever final text was adopted, she hoped it would "have significant consequences in terms of greater economic pressure on North Korea".

And Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is certainly keeping the door open to diplomacy. North Korea had warned before the latest sanctions were imposed that the USA would pay "due price" if it pushed for stronger sanctions.

South Korean officials have said after the North's sixth nuclear test on September 3, which it said was of an advanced hydrogen bomb, that it could launch another intercontinental ballistic missile in defiance of worldwide pressure. They seem intent on developing their nuclear weapons capability to a point where maybe they'll have some leverage going into any negotiations.

Chinese gasoline exports to the North fell sharply - to just 120 tons in July, compared to 8,262 tons in June - following a decision by China's state-owned oil company, China National Petroleum Corporation, to cut sales due to concerns that North Korea is too high a credit risk.

"The forthcoming measures by DPRK will make the U.S. suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history", he said.

Han did not elaborate, but North Korea frequently vows to destroy the United States.

His comments were made as new pictures showed Kim Jong Un attending an event in honour of the country's nuclear scientists and technicians.

6 August: UN banned North Korean exports of coal, ore and other raw materials and limited investments in the country, costing Pyongyang an estimated $1bn - about a third of its export economy.

He said that it is not proper to gauge the possible impacts of the sanctions on the now-shuttered joint industrial complex in North Korea's border city of Kaesong. Exports of copper, nickel, silver, zinc and the sale of statues were also banned.

30 November 2016: United Nations targeted North Korea's valuable coal trade with China, slashing exports by about 60% under a new sales cap.

An assets freeze targeting Kim Jong Un was removed from a package of sanctions against North Korea as the UN Security Council prepared to vote on new punitive measures against the rogue nuclear state on Monday.

MCEVERS: So how is the Trump administration approaching this differently from past administrations? We will make it clear that if you support North Korea's nuclear dictatorship, you will have zero business with the United States and its allies. Trump has vowed not to allow North Korea to develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting the mainland United States.

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