Sales Tax Hike Eliminated as GOP Frozen in Budget Talks

Trump craves adulation - praise to feed his outsized ego - and to get it he's happy to betray friend and foe alike. So why should anyone be surprised that he's getting all chummy now with what he calls "Chuck and Nancy" (as in Senate Minority Leader Schumer and House Minority Leader Pelosi)?

House Speaker Paul Ryan has said he's pleased that Trump included a six-month delay before ending the DACA programme, saying those participants anxious about deportation should "rest easy" because Congress will work with Trump to achieve a compromise that protects them.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities was unable to calculate an estimate for the number of households in North Dakota that would benefit from eliminating the estate tax in its analysis because the number is so small. There were nearly no details and the document mostly just set out goals.

Pat Toomey is one of a handful of politicians set to talk tax reform with President Donald Trump over dinner on Tuesday night.

Is this bold bipartisanship?

But with Trump providing air cover - GOP leaders and rank-and-file lawmakers could vote for the bill without fear of Trump stirring up the tea party base against them - McConnell and Ryan could do their jobs, show a little disdain for the outcome and live to fight another day. Or a savvy way to instill fear among recalcitrant Republicans?

"Everyone seems to have forgotten that there's this big independent counsel investigation on that will change the calculus instantly if it comes up with anything negative on Trump", said longtime congressional budget analyst Stan Collender.

With President Donald Trump's deal with Democrats last week casting some aspersions on Trump's trust of his should-be Republican comrades, the development has opened another rift within the GOP Conference over whether the president or speaker is to blame, Politico reports.

Ryan and McConnell had wanted an 18-month extension of the government's borrowing limit, which they shortened to six months when Pelosi and Schumer stood their ground. "They do not want to fix this problem that has been a spiraling problem", Klarides said. The Wednesday deal "frankly strengthened our hand for three months". "And I think that's something that is a common goal that a lot of people want to come together on". "I think this president got rolled, and he probably doesn't know it yet". He blames them for failing to repeal and replace ObamaCare and said, "They're not going to help you unless they are put on notice".

Bannon may be gone, but if anything, his post-White House comments are more troublesome to congressional Republicans than anything he said before he left - particularly as it relates to the last headline above. "The minority leader and his team were trying to get us not to write it that way, but I did write it that way and that is the way it passed".

Inside the GOP conference, dissent bubbles. The more serious question was raising the debt ceiling, which is required when the government no longer has funds to pay its bills.

Ryan said, "He (Trump) wanted to make sure that in this moment of national crisis, where our country is getting hit by two disgusting hurricanes, he wanted to have a bipartisan response and not a food fight on the timing of the debt limit attached to this (relief) bill".

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