The new Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built

Apple Watch could soon detect heart problems

The new Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built

Would you use more advanced one if it was available? Apple users can have the same number on the watch as well as the iPhone while being connected to the same network. Read on and find out.

The latter is considered a major boon, as with mobile support the new Apple Watch will not need a phone in order to pull off crucial smartwatch tasks like texts, voice calls, and weather forecasts. Which makes sense, since it's still a young market. The watch will use the same number as your smartphone. The Series 3 will track resting heart rate, calculate recovery heart rate, and alert you if your heart rate elevates when you're not exercising.

The new Apple Watches will launch with watchOS 4, the latest software, which includes new health tracking functions, Siri recommendations, new watch faces and more.

The company also took time to detail some new features that weren't talked about back during WWDC, including a slew of new heart rate monitoring features. To date, Apple hasn't disclosed sales of the Watch, which was its first all-new product released under Chief Executive Tim Cook, and some detractors have said sales were stymied because the initial version lacked goal.

You can now listen to anything on iTunes, streamed right to your Ear Buds through your watch. There's a Siri complication for other faces, too. The addition of Global Positioning System (GPS) and waterproof capabilities introduced with last year's Apple Watch Series 2 has the company on track to boost sales almost 25% this year.

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An analysis of the HomePod firmware, which revealed several secrets about the new iPhone, shows many new workouts available inside Apple Watch, including basketball, bowling, cricket, curling, dance, equestrian sports, fencing, fishing, golf, jump rope, kickboxing, lacrosse, pilates, skiing, surfing, and snow sports. And the W2 chip adds 80 percent faster Wi-Fi while being 50 percent more power efficient. This means you can receive calls even if you left your phone at home. Fitbit fitness trackers have long included altimeters for detecting how many flights of stairs a user climbs in a day.

If you are wondering about the case size, it will stay the same and the battery will remain at 18 hours.

CNBC reports that Apple has hired a small team of about 30 biomedical engineers with the task of developing new Apple Watch tech designed for diabetics. The company's new LTE- and UMTS-capable Apple Watch will go on sale later this month in 15 countries, with prices starting at $399 for the cellular version or $329 for a version without cellular.

We can expect the Apple Watch 3 to released sometime in the second half of 2017, probably after or alongside an iPhone reveal on 12 September.

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