FPL prepares for Hurricane Irma as storm nears Florida

The St. Lucie nuclear power plant is being closed ahead of Hurricane Irma

The St. Lucie nuclear power plant is being closed ahead of Hurricane Irma

A total of nearly 4.5 million Florida Power & Light customers have been affected by the storm, with about 1 million getting service restored, mostly by automated devices. "I would caution people to be very patient here", said Tom Bossert, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism. FPL said in the proposal that the deal would ultimately save customers an estimated $183 million because of eliminating future costs related to the plant. It has been 18 hours since Irma left our system.

Florida residents who evacuated ahead of the hurricane are returning to homes without electricity and facing the prospect of days, maybe weeks, with little to ease the withering late-summer stickiness.

At least five people have died at a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said during a press conference Wednesday morning.

Florida Power & Light (FPL), the state's largest electric utility, said more than 800,000 customers are without power in Miami-Dade County, alone. For its part, Palm Beach County reached a total of 458,840 outages.

Cellphone towers and antennae systems are built to withstand significant wind and flood risks, and many use backup generators that kick on when the power goes out. "If customers are calling us that they don't have power, we know they don't have power". "We are focusing on restoring power to feeders that serve critical customers like hospitals, wastewater plants, fire, and police". Then come the smaller pockets of customers in the neighborhoods.

Power is coming back throughout the county based on priority, Harmer said. We can help with safety and preparation tips at FPL.com/storm. "The other is running fine", Gould said. FPL has no updates or estimates. The U.S. Coast Guard reported rescuing more than 100 people Monday in Jacksonville. "We understand what it means to be hot and without air conditioning", Gould said, according to the News Service of Florida.

The powerful storm, which left fatalities in its march through the Caribbean and is headed toward the Keys, has utility crews already laboring -- mostly in South Florida -- with more than 76,000 customers in the dark Saturday afternoon.

These are the planes that fly into and above hurricanes and tropical storms to gather the weather data that is used to make forecasts and warnings. I'm not even sure we've been this far before. FPL employees will always carry an FPL photo ID badge, be in FPL trucks, and will never need to enter your home, FPL said.

The unprecedented outages unleashed a domino effect across the region as crews struggled with downed lines and a storm-swamped electrical grid.

Customers do not need to report their outages, however.

FPL said it is preparing to respond as quickly as possible to any impacts the storm will have on its service area. During that storm, approximately 1,450 Hydro One workers braved hazardous conditions for a total of 97,000 hours to restore power to almost 105,000 customers who were affected at the peak of the storm. FPL has activated 30 staging sites, each a mini-city to support and supply its workers.

To turn power back on in Florida, the utility says, work crews must replace "nearly 3,000 poles and 950 miles of wire" in the state.

One of the facilities, the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station in Homestead, weathered "a direct hit" from Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago, Silagy said. "We do not publicize when that will be but we will announce it afterward".

FPL said downed trees and debris in roads is making it hard to reach certain locations to work on power restoration.

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