Senator Franken asks Apple for privacy guarantees around Face ID data

C Spire launched the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone today on its “Customer Inspired” Maximum Range 4G LTE network. In a special limited time offer consumers who purchase the Galaxy Note8 by Sept. 24 can receive their choice of either a free Ge

Senator Franken asks Apple for privacy guarantees around Face ID data

New Portrait Lighting feature Your selfies will now look better than ever with the new feature that customises the light for your face. There are two mitigations: if you don't stare at the phone, it won't unlock. Unlike the iPhone X, the $699 iPhone 8 and $799 iPhone 8 Plus are priced more in line with what consumers are used to paying for an iPhone.

Release datePre-orders for the iPhone 8 will begin on Friday 15 September, with shipping to begin on 22 September. This kind of thing is not almost as fantastic as an entirely new, wonderful gadget; it has the power to create ripple effects, though, that could make existing technologies more mainstream.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models will be available September 22 but the iPhone X, which features an all-glass design and introduces face recognition as a way to unlock the phone, won't be available until November 3. Apart from these, Apple's iPhone X boasts to offer the best and the brightest video quality that any smartphone can capture (4K video up to 60fps) along with better video stabilisation. However, substantial questions remain about how Face ID will impact iPhone users' privacy and security, and whether the technology will perform equally well on different groups of people.

Created to replace Apple's fingerprint-enabled Touch ID, which disappeared along with the iPhone's home button to enable a front face that's almost all screen, Face ID lets users unlock their devices and verify purchases through facial recognition technology.

Several experts have said that there are technical reasons that previous facial-recognition systems failed to recognize black people correctly.

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It's nearly completely different to the iPhone 7, thanks to a bigger screen, a new camera, additional features and more, but there are still some similarities.

The display has also seen updates as the resolution is now sharper and the display uses OLED technology in what Apple is calling Super Retina.

The back of the phone is also entirely made of glass, meaning it can charge wirelessly when rested on a charging mat.

If you're wondering why this would be an issue in the first place, that's because up until now, Starbucks hasn't support the Qi charging standard that the iPhone 8 and X will use. The iPhone celebrated its 10th birthday earlier this year. The next decade will certainly include more of the same, with incrementally improved iPhones that have better processors, sensors, and, perhaps, more realistic animated animal and poop emoji (well, maybe not that last one). It'll offer the iPhone 8 on its "Swap12" and "Swap24" plans, with pricing starting at £32 per month for 500MB data and unlimited calls and texts for Sky TV customers.

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