6 dead at Florida nursing home without AC after Irma, others evacuated

6 dead at Florida nursing home without AC after Irma, others evacuated

6 dead at Florida nursing home without AC after Irma, others evacuated

Upon learning that the state does not consider nursing homes to be high priority centers for power restoration, Harrison told us he will be immediately filing a bill to make nursing homes a priority just like hospitals.

In Hollywood, Florida, investigators said six people died after staying in a sweltering nursing home.

We can appreciate how hard it was for Florida officials to respond to all the events over the past several days and how to sort through all the offers for assistance. All residents have since been evacuated.

Hollywood Public Affairs Director Raelin Storey said there is no official cause of death yet, but a number were having resperitory issues.

The city also advised seniors without air conditioning to visit Coral Gables cooling centers, the Miami Herald reported.

Police have opened a criminal investigation.

Detectives with the Hollywood Police Department were investigating. It said the facility had in fact been listed as "non-critical" infrastructure, but only because that was how nursing homes were supposed to be designated under FPL's own guidance. Memorial Regional is located across the street from the nursing home.

With the death of the eight patients, many friends and family members of patients in the home are now highly concerned with the conditions their loved ones may have been in. But we are saddened by the loss of these nursing home residents and the trauma that they suffered at the end. The fuse needed to maintain the air-conditioning unit was broken as Hurricane Irma passed through the area.

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FPL, which serves almost five million homes and businesses, said it expects to restore power to essentially all its users, in the eastern portion of Florida, by the end of the weekend and the harder-hit western portion of the state by September 22.

"There's nothing we can do", employee Dave Long told WPLG-TV. We called 911 also - nothing. "It just doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I can't do anything until we get that fuse popped back in".

"It appears that there's a pending lawsuit alleging negligence". Patients were treated for dehydration, breathing difficulties and other heat-related ills, authorities said.

And on Thursday in Florida, before his comments aboard Air Force One about climate change, Trump said the people of Florida experienced something "the likes of which we can say really say nobody's ever seen before".

The Florida Health Care Association, a long-term care industry group, released a statement Wednesday morning framing the deaths within the context of Irma's brutal blow to the state. Does FPL have the ability to prioritize power restoration to every facility providing care for vulnerable people across the 35 Florida counties it serves?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which regulates nursing homes, gives the Hollywood center a below-average rating, two stars on its five-star scale. Drinking water was cut off, all three of the islands' hospitals were closed, and the supply of gas was extremely limited. Approximately 150 facilities out of the almost 700 facilities in the state do not now have full power services restored.

President Trump backed away slightly Thursday from his earlier statement that the wealthiest Americans could actually pay more in his tax reform plan.

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