Caribbean residents struggling with damage after Irma

Caribbean Families Separate to Rebuild Lives After Storm

Caribbean residents struggling with damage after Irma

There are 6.6 million outages affecting around 10 million people.

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes to strike the Caribbean and the southeast USA, hit the U.S. & U.K. Virgin Islands before heading to Puerto Rico on Sep.

The scale of destruction was steep.

She told the Times that resentment towards the USA government following the hurricane has grown steadily in the days since the storm made landfall.

A Halifax couple with property in the British Virgin Islands says they're more anxious about their old neighbours living there after Hurricane Irma than they are about damage to their property.

"The island was 80 percent destroyed, and the lieutenant governor is reporting 40,000 people are homeless", Payne told CNBC. Joint Task Force-Leeward Islands is arriving in the eastern Caribbean today to start providing humanitarian assistance, to include water, sanitation, logistics support, movement of relief personnel and humanitarian commodities.

Some 132 schools suffered severe damage and almost two thirds of the country is still without electricity according to state news. Except for a state of the hotels report from the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the agency for the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, there is an eerie silence. The devastated islands will also need skilled personnel to relieve overextended medical providers and to restore electricity and water.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk yesteday visited St. Martin, reviewing the damage done to the battered island with local leaders. Thousands were left homeless and infrastructure was heavily damaged.

Duncan said a total of nine people died in British Caribbean territories - five in the BVI and four in Anguilla.

"Keep an eye on the Virgin Islands", he said. Trump also declared a major disaster in Puerto Rico, ordering federal aid to supplement local recovery efforts.

NGOs like the Red Cross and Unicef have stepped in.

"Irma was by far the worst", Flowers said.

Long Road to Recovery Begins After Irma
Long Road to Recovery Begins After Irma Getty Images

Looting has broken out on some islands.

"Most (cruise) ships have stops in St. Martin, and a lot are going to the western Caribbean instead", Peterson said.

This is the marketing and public relations firm for St. Maarten.

The news comes after British Virgin Islanders said they were "terrified" of the prisoners, who made a run for it during the chaos caused by the hurricane. It was not clear whether the prisoners had been caught.

Still, if the Virgin Islands can't host the event it's possible it could be moved. Over 200 British troops are now on the ground there.

Master Sgt. Sharif Hewlett, a Willingboro police officer, will be among the airmen to deploy.

But tensions are still high. She was one of the lucky ones who were able to get out of the island. Some are comparing Irma to Hurricane Hugo in 1989, which cost the territory about $3.6 billion. The building was torn apart.

He said he was writing from Puerto Rico, where he was mobilizing aid efforts, and that he would be returning to the Virgin Islands soon for recovery work.

- The Corps of Engineers is already working in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to assist with power restoration efforts and have teams on stand-by to assist in Florida if/when needed. The French government states that their side of St. Martin has sustained at least €1.2B ($1.44B) in damages. An estimated 50% of Barbuda is now homeless.

Tourists have reportedly been hiding in their hotel rooms away from the 600 looters running riot. The authorities had previously reported one person killed in Anguilla.

During the storm, the house began crumbling around them.

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