Chuck Schumer recorded on hot mic in Senate saying Trump 'likes me'

Chuck Schumer recorded on hot mic in Senate saying Trump 'likes me'

Chuck Schumer recorded on hot mic in Senate saying Trump 'likes me'

After Trump used Twitter to ask if "anybody" wants to "throw out" DACA holders who are "accomplished young people", The Blaze writer Matt Walsh responded to the question.

Mr Trump tweeted in support of the Dreamers on Thursday morning.

In a week of conflicting statements, the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an immigration program that offers protection to numerous medical students, remains uncertain. Trump rescinded that order, prompting jubilation among many in his camp, but then urged Congress to craft a legal solution within the next six months.

"I think we are fairly close but we have to get massive border security", he told reporters Thursday. "Everything is happening so fast, but we're trying to acknowledge as a community that, with or without DACA, we're still students, still parents, and still humans. People want to see that happen".

Democratic leaders announced they'd reached an agreement with President Trump that would save DACA recipients from deportation Wednesday night.

Republican leaders in Congress also chimed in - making clear they must be involved if any deal is to become law. And this compromise will include border security and enforcement so that we don't wind up with another DACA problem 10 years down the road. The two Democrats emerged with what seemed like major news.

The president's aides have said in the past, he is OK leaving border wall funding out of this bill as long as he gets it passed in another bill. And Schumer and Pelosi have shown Trump's base for the second time within the span of a week how thoroughly unreliable Trump is.

Watch the "Meet the Press" host play a game of "choose your Trump" below, via MSNBC.

"Here's what I told him. Not an agreement or a negotiation", Paul Ryan said.

Since the very first day, politicians have been divided on immigration issues related to this American immigration policy, but under the presidency of Donald Trump, DACA has been under scrutiny.

"At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?" tweeted Ann Coulter, a firebrand conservative commentator who launched a series of broadsides against the president.

But Breitbart was already labeling Trump "Amnesty Don".

"For a goal prized by Democrats - enshrining the Obama-era protections for these illegal immigrants - Trump and Republicans got little of what they wanted. No promise is credible", Iowa Congressman Steve King tweeted. He came here to keep his promises.

Faced with the pressure of his party, the President refaced his words in front of the reporters, assuring on the contrary that, "we are not looking at citizenship" for dreamers, nor an "amnesty": "We are looking at allowing people to stay here". We urge Congress to listen to the prominent Democrats and Republicans who have expressed their outrage over this issue.

Prominent Trump supporters have erupted over the president's apparent decision to pursue DACA in what The Washington Post described as "a blaring political fire alarm".

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