Hillary Clinton: Democrats Will Still Face a 'Very Difficult Media Environment'

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Will Still Face a 'Very Difficult Media Environment'

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Will Still Face a 'Very Difficult Media Environment'

Like it or not, 2016 was a historic election.

Hillary Clinton has made a string of media appearances to promote the release of her new tell-all memoir, one of which was on CBS' "Sunday Morning". Clinton, too, addressed this glaring problem. Senior writes it's "wearying, canned and disingenuous, spinning events like a top", and noting it doesn't offer any "new hypotheses about what doomed Clinton's campaign". He seemed proud of his ignorance and didn't even pretend to come up with plans for how he'd build his wall, fix health care, bring back the lost jobs in the manufacturing and coal mining, and defeat ISIS. Trump's memoir, "Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America", which was released last July, is currently number 40 on the overall list and is still the number one best-seller in Amazon's political commentary & opinion sector. Our democracy probably can survive a few more voices in the cacophony of competing claims, especially if we cultivate habits of skepticism and critical thinking.

Comey, Clinton added, "forever changed history" by reopening the email investigation just to close it days before Election Day.

The divisions were on display Wednesday: As Harris spoke, a member of the left-wing group Code Pink held up a large cutout of the head of Sen. While many Democrats would argue President Trump undid all of this progress, Democrats themselves may never even get to that point.

This quote should have been from Wisconsin.

Boxer's legislation has gone nowhere. Clinton is biting the hand that feeds her, and it is rubbing many Democrats the wrong way. But it shouldn't be too surprising that the interviewers did not request for elaboration, considering that they were a part of the Obama administration: Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Daniel Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. Get over the Twitter stuff and get on to the diplomatic negotiations. In one of her most controversial passages, she describes her vanquisher's inauguration speech as 'a howl from the white nationalist gut'.

The legislation passed the House in 1969 but died in the Senate.

And she continues to blame misogyny and sexism for her loss, though Senior notes, "It's hard to buy the idea that she suffered disproportionately from charges of untrustworthiness or inauthenticity simply because she was a woman".

"I do not recommend a constitutional amendment lightly", Carter said in a speech in March 1977 introducing his reforms.

"There were all of these outside forces coming at me right until the very end", she told National Public Radio. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), "is because of advocates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren". That's precisely the strategy that failed in 2016.

I just realized it's been almost a year since I had to hear "Fight Song". The unexpected presidential results that came in that night verified a lot of truths about the United States I did not want to face (and that I had the luxury of not having to face).

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