India sends relief materials for refugees in Bangladesh — Rohingya crisis

Rohingya refugee women distribute food in the Kutupalong refugee camp in BangladeshMore

Rohingya refugee women distribute food in the Kutupalong refugee camp in BangladeshMore

The UN has described the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar as ethnic cleansing - a term that describes an organised effort to rid an area of an ethnic group by displacement, deportation or killing.

Rohingya residents - a stateless mostly Muslim minority in a Buddhist-majority nation - allege that the military and Rakhine Buddhists responded with a brutal campaign against them, according to the reports.

If refugees from Tibet, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can stay in India, why not the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi has said.

Combined with the Rohingyas who fled during the last round of violence in Rakhine state last October, Dujarric said "it's estimated that some 40 per cent of the total Rohingya population have now fled into Bangladesh".

Suu Kyi will miss the UN General Assembly's ministerial session, which starts on September 19 and runs to September 25 to address domestic security issues.

The government told Parliament on August 9 that according to available data, more than 14,000 Rohingyas, registered with the UNHCR, were staying in India. They accuse the security forces of atrocities, burning villages, firing on civilians indiscriminately and of family members being taken away and never heard from again.

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He said the Myanmar government had for centuries tried to resolve the conflict, but they kept failing.

A clearance operation by Myanmar's military targeting the Rohingya intensified after 12 security officers were killed by militants in coordinated attacks on border posts. "There is a serious lack of coordination among the government and the agencies", Nur Khan Liton said. The statement also called for the refugee problem to be resolved.

Fishermen and local residents say that authorities have also broadcast messages in their villages by loudspeaker ordering them not to pick up Rohingyas.

US State Department official Patrick Murphy was set to visit Myanmar to press for an end to violence and allowing humanitarian aid in Rakhine state.

The additional $2.55 million is aimed at helping provide care for women, new mothers and children under five, International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said in a statement.

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