Motorola Releases List of Phones To Get Android Oreo Update

Motorola Releases List of Phones To Get Android Oreo Update

Motorola Releases List of Phones To Get Android Oreo Update

Another important new feature is Picture in Picture mode that allows users to an app in a full window with another app in a small window. The chart shows that Android Nougat continuing to gain market share, with its presence now on almost 15.8 percent active devices.

So, essentially a wide array of Motorola's recent flagship smartphones will get Android 8.0 Oreo within the next few months.

It has been some time Android Oreo has been out, and smartphone manufacturers have been busy chalking out their upgrade plans. Motorola will either release Android 8.0 for devices as it becomes ready or delay updates to deliver the latest version possible. The smartphones will have all the latest software. As for the public launch of the OS, there's still some more weeks to go.

Today Motorola confirmed which of its smartphones will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo. Well, Lenovo-owned Moto brand has just announced the list of the Moto devices that will be receiving Android Oreo update in the coming days. Apart from that, Android co-founder Andy Rubin's Essential PH-1 smartphone will also get Android Oreo update. It should be readily available, that is, if you can enable it in AOSP.

The Company further added the roll out would possibly happen by the quarter 4.

On the front end, the notification tray has a cleaner look and feel, including reverting to the long press on an icon for various options within a setting (like wi-fi or bluetooth), which Samsung earlier had included as a slightly cumbersome drop-down under each icon.

Android O brings in some cool new features like the integration of the Picture-in-Picture view, auto fill, instant apps and more. If you have a Motorola, cross your fingers that you own one of its 10 devices getting the software update. All these phones currently run on the Android Nougat OS. It seems like it will be the last update that Motorola will allow to its devices.

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