Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone X: Why Samsung Still Wins!

While it was evident that Samsung was planning to roll out Nougat for the Galaxy A9 Pro, the company has finally done it. Android Nougat update for Galaxy A9 Pro has now been released in India.

To push sales, the Korean smartphone leader will introduce finance schemes besides an automatic update programme for existing customers, which can be activated from the Samsung app on the phone. Ben purchased his Galaxy Note 8 directly from Samsung so it appears the tap has been opened from that end, and possibly from telcos as well.

This time with the iPhone X, Apple has put its weight behind a few technologies that have been around for a while but are not looking at better times for themselves. Speaking to it is not the only way to interact with Bixby. The pressure sensitivity was improved and four new features were added, such as the GIF, translation, and currency conversion. It first flaunted its invention of a 4.5-inch flexible screen at CES 2011, then it introduced another prototype in 2013. "When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product". But rival Samsung stole a bit of the spotlight with plans to launch a foldable smartphone next year.

It debuted in the market at $849.

Koh said that the company is working with Harman to develop a smart speaker.

So even with the iPhone X, most of the features that are being launched are those that Android phones have had for a couple of years. The screen also runs almost completely top to bottom and side to side. Still, it's a brave thing for Samsung to admit this early that it is planning to once again adopt a different designing approach for the Note 9.

With the amount of memory 4K video at 60FPS will consume, having an option to expand your storage is a godsend. Apple's newest iPhones are set to be introduced later on Tuesday. Ultimately, the differences between the iOS and Android ecosystems might be enough to determine whether one invests in the latest iPhone or the latest premium-tier Android flagship.

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