Six now dead from nursing home that lost power

Destruction after Hurricane Irma batters Key West Florida with heavy winds and rain

Destruction after Hurricane Irma batters Key West Florida with heavy winds and rain

The causes of death are yet to be determined, the medical examiner said.

The Hollywood Police Department is conducting a criminal investigation with the help of state, local and federal agencies. Residents said many areas were unrecognizable.

Across the street from the stifling nursing home sat a fully air-conditioned hospital, Memorial Regional. Georgia Power said 95 percent of its customers should have electricity restored by Sunday night, except for homes or businesses too damaged to be reconnected.

“Its a sad state of affairs, ” the police chief said. These are special, special people and we love 'em.

North Carolina reported its first Irma-related death on Friday after a man died from carbon monoxide poisoning, and two more people died in Florida from the unsafe fumes, including a woman in Palm Beach County.

Extensive flooding swamped Jacksonville, located in Florida's northeastern corner about 500 miles (805 kilometers) from the spot in the Keys where Irma made its first USA landfall.

Three people died at the facility in Hollywood, Florida, and three others were pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital, the city of Hollywood said Wednesday afternoon. More than 40 died in the Caribbean. Four others were taken to a nearby hospital in various conditions.

Florida Power & Light said it had provided power to some parts of the Hollywood nursing home but that the facility was not on a county top tier list for emergency power restoration. We did learn some things from a press conference held by police and government officials. "There's been a bankruptcy, a change of ownership and Medicare inspectors have given this place below-average ratings".

"I don't think it's just going to be the cost of getting prepared", Martinez says.

In one of the latest actions to protect older people, residents of a 100-bed suburban Fort Lauderdale assisted-living facility without power were moved to two nearby homes. As of 2016, Florida had about 680 nursing homes. As energy company employees in the aftermath of a hurricane, restoring power is our imperative. The number of people in shelters fell to under 13,000.

Meanwhile, the state made urgent efforts to protect its vulnerable elderly residents. Rescue crews from several area municipalities were going door to door in 94-degree (34 Celsius) heat to perform welfare checks, and a massive water, ice and meal distribution plan was already enacted.

Other elements of his first trip to Texas struck an awkward tone: the first lady's stiletto heels, worn while boarding Marine One at the White House, drew widespread backlash on social media, and Trump's comments to a gathering of supporters - "what a great turnout!" - were more valedictory than comforting. And were not leaving.”.

"You couldn't tell there was a road there", said a resident.

Trump pledged to come back to Florida "numerous times".

"It's very, very hot here", she said.

In the dining hall on Wednesday, staff members were pressing cold rags on patients' shoulders and necks. Her daughter Madeleine Alvarez said they ultimately heeded firefighters' isntructions, despite doctors warning of her mother's fragile state. "What do I know but I hope this man right here. runs for the Senate", he said. Nobody tells us nothing.

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