Hurricane Irma blamed for one death in NC

Hurricane Irma blamed for one death in NC

Hurricane Irma blamed for one death in NC

Early Wednesday morning is when the residents of the facility started dying. Scott on Saturday ordered emergency rules requiring all assisted living facilities and nursing homes to obtain a generator within 60 days.

Across Florida and nearby states, some five million homes and businesses were without power on Wednesday, down from a peak of 7.8 million on Monday. That person was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital just feet away from the nursing home, and then an hour later, firefighters were called back for a patient experiencing breathing problems.

Other patients are in critical condition.

Jeffrey Nova said he learned of his mother's death Wednesday morning from a reporter who got his name and contact info from a nursing home employee.

Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin and kept its speed as a Category 5 hurricane for three days as it wreaked havoc across the Caribbean before being downgraded as it made landfall in Florida.

Hollywood police carried out a search warrant of the Hollywood Hills home as the criminal investigation into this tragedy moves forward. The eight people who died on Wednesday were between the ages of 71 and 99.

The man was using a generator to power his home after severe weather knocked out electricity in the area. Four victims died in the nursing home and detectives had to recover one body from a funeral home, city officials said.

Nursing home owner Jack Michel never replaced the system, Bichachi said.

Florida Governor Rick Scott issued a statement saying he was "absolutely heartbroken" to learn of the deaths of the elderly retirees. The facility called Scott's emergency number two more times, Defede said, as well as an emergency number in Tallahassee, and was repeatedly told that they were going to get help.

The Rehabilitation Center in Hollywood Hills, north of Miami, said in a statement on Wednesday that a "prolonged power failure" due to the hurricane had caused a transformer powering the facility's air conditioning system to fail.

Defede said after the facility, which is across the street from a major hospital, called Florida Power & Light at 3:39 p.m. Sunday.

In a later statement, Carballo said, "The center and its medical and administrative staff diligently prepared" for the hurricane.

"It's the worst. It's politics", former state Rep. Dan Gelber said. That number is almost a million fewer than Thursday morning.

The governor's office said "power restoration crews have been working around the clock" for what it called "the largest power restoration undertaking in history for a single state".

"We believe the FDLE is best equipped to perform the broader investigation and provide assurance to the community that a full, complete and impartial investigation into potential criminal liability is conducted", the lawmakers wrote. The hurricane dumped over 25 trillion gallons of water, killing at least 70 people, and causing damage that could cost as much as $190 billion to fix. In the Keys, Irma tore apart houses, flattened mobile homes and pushed boats onto the highway linking the archipelago, prompting authorities to largely shut down access to the islands.

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