Graham-Cassidy Bill: New push to repeal and replace Obamacare


Graham-Cassidy Bill: New push to repeal and replace Obamacare

Speaking on Fox News, Senator Sullivan explained that Graham-Cassidy would allow each state to individually decide how they would fund health care for their residents.

Republicans are wanting to pass the bill using the budgetary process of reconciliation, the deadline for which is September 30.

"As I have said from the start, the Affordable Care Act needs to be fixed". The bill looks to roll back Medicaid expansion and eliminate federal premium subsidies and instead distribute the money spent on these programs to states in the form of block grants. Individuals would no longer be required to have insurance and employers wouldn't have to provide it either.

However, Cassidy vowed to reporters that his legislation "absolutely" passes the "Jimmy Kimmel test" - adding that insurers will not be allowed to charge those with preexisting condition more. Repeal and replace of the Obamacare fell dead in July when some members of the Republican Party failed to pass the amendment. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has also expressed its desire to give the two men a chance to make their case. Politico said the bill is "short of 50 votes". She was working with Alaska Gov. Bill Walker to determine how the funding will be allocated under the new plan. Senators Lindsey Graham of SC and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said that their attempts were gaining impetus. ME alone would lose more than $1 billion in federal Medicaid funding over the next decade if this new proposal became law.

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So states that want to cut ties with Obamacare can do so, but states that want to keep Obamacare will have that authority as well.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Rand Paul in a Fox News editorial already firmly rejected the bill, saying "in no way is it repeal the way we promised". Both Sens. Charles Schumer, of NY, and Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, spoke at a rally one day after sending a letter to the Congressional Budget Office asking for a full analysis of the Republican legislation. "If anyone can do better, I'd like to meet them".

McCain told reporters Tuesday that for him to support Graham-Cassidy that he "would need assurance that this bill would help the state of Arizona and would be good for the country".

Kasich joined nine other governors including Colorado Democrat John Hickenlooper in a letter that asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to not consider the controversial proposal.

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