Gov't to give $1.5 million to refugees of Myanmar

Rohingya people and Myanmar military onslaught

Gov't to give $1.5 million to refugees of Myanmar

The money - reappropriated from existing funds in the State Department - brings the total US aid to $95 million.

Both Rohingya who have fled across the border into Bangladesh and those who stayed in Rakhine urgently need help, aid agencies say.

"We will handle on the basis of national security and deal in appropriate manner", he said.

The latest unrest in the troubled Rakhine state was sparked by attacks on police stations across the state last month, blamed on a newly emerged militant group, the Arsa.

"Some of the Rohingya with militant background are also found to be very active in Jammu, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mewat and have been identified as having a very serious and potential threat to the national security of India", he said in a written statement to the court.

Not refugees, they are illegal immigrants, who need to be sent back, he added. "But 420,000 people moving into Bangladesh suggests the vast majority of Rohingya are affected".

"Our democratic transition is fragile".

The United States is increasing its aid to the United Nations and other global groups that are working with Myanmar's Rohingya minority, who are being killed and persecuted in the country by government forces.

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Former President Barack Obama heralded the election as a major victory for human rights in Asia, and one of the signature foreign policy achievements of his second term.

Suu Kyi won overwhelming support from the public in the general election two years ago.

Mr Ali Johar, 25, who came to the country with his parents when he was 17, said the community, which has continued to struggle in India, worries about its future.

In the Kutupalong refugee camp in nearby Bangladesh, Abdul Hafiz says Rohingya once trusted Suu Kyi more than the military that ruled before her for half a century.

The spokesperson said the group demanded an end to the alleged genocide in Myanmar, to halt village-razing and demanded that Myanmar officials accept the return of and give full citizen status to displaced Rohingyas.

The new money for food, medical care, water, sanitation and shelter comes as the US joins a growing chorus of worldwide condemnation over the minority group's plight. It also suggests protests and condemnation against the confinement of ethnic Rohingyas in camps in Bangladesh.

There was an "absolute determination to stop the killing and calling on Aung San Suu Kyi to show the leadership she is capable of to try to heal that awful situation".

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