Marvel's The Punisher gets a kickass trailer

Kamala Khan joins the Avengers

Kamala Khan joins the Avengers

After a slew of teasers and cryptic posts on social media, the full official trailer for Marvel's The Punisher has finally arrived from Netflix. If there is one Netflix TV show that The Punisher resembles, it would be Daredevil i.e. dark, brutal, and unrelenting. Considering how Punisher's fight scenes were part of the reason why he stood out so much initially, it has been weird not seeing similar action on-dispaly in trailers past. There's a handful of new characters that look like they'll be introduced into the mix for the new show, as well as a shot of Karen Paige from Daredevil. Most fans already know the plot too well, Frank Castle, as played by Jon Bernthal, is a military man just come home from a long mission out. After killing the people who murdered his beloved wife and children, the former soldier learns that his past has caught up with him in the worst ways possible. We're getting close to the monthly list of new Netflix releases for October, though, so don't be surprised to find The Punisher among those slated to premiere. Marvel and Netflix are still keeping that date a top secret. He's a comic-book character, but he doesn't fly, he doesn't have X-ray vision. With no street heroes in his way, it seems like The Punisher will kill his way to the truth.

So, can we root for a merciless killer? It doesn't matter who Frank Castle has to go through to get that.

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Punisher's creators insist that he isn't supposed to be admirable or inspiring, but Marvel evidently believes he'll make a thrilling protagonist anyway. The Punisher, despite being acquainted with a few superheroes, isn't anything like one.

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