Richardson assails Trump on N. Korea, Iran

Richardson assails Trump on N. Korea, Iran

Richardson assails Trump on N. Korea, Iran

In his first speech before the United Nations on Tuesday, Trump warned that the United States would "totally destroy DPRK" if forced to defend itself or its allies.

The United States President, Donald Trump had a very sly attitude prior to the General Assembly address on North Korea Tuesday, September 19th.

Los Angeles Times reported in 1998, "Clinton has just pulled out of his pocket for North Korea", and he "decided to spend as much as $15 million for North Korean fuel oil, beyond the $35 million already authorized by Congress this year".

The Bush administration initially came out with a hardline stance toward the nation before softening its approach - including removing the nation from its list of state sponsors of terror in 2008 - in exchange for access to North Korea's nuclear facilities.

"We are in for some quite interesting questions here, and a lot of it is not going to be favourable to Trump", he said. "We need to be a world at peace", he said.

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un earlier in the month confirmed testing of a thermonuclear bomb which could be fit on to intercontinental ballistic missiles, and also fired two missiles over Japan, leading to worldwide concern.

"Beijing will never accept the responsibility being imposed by the United States", People's Daily said.

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"The U.S. president also issued a warning against countries helping North Korea, saying that some nations continue to trade with the North, providing arms and financial support to a country that "imperils the world" with nuclear conflict".

Diplomatic action taken against the North Korean regime so far has included hefty sanctions aimed at disrupting its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Trump's speech "reaffirmed that North Korea should be made to realize denuclearisation is the only way to the future through utmost sanctions and pressure", it added.

North Korean diplomats were not present during Trump's speech, reports CNN.

Those comments may have been directed at Moon, who campaigned on a promise to seek dialogue with North Korea over its nuclear ambitions.

North Korea in turn vowed to increase its military strength, saying that it was ready to strike in case of the slightest provocation.

"The North's capital city will be reduced to ashes and removed from the map", a South Korean defense official revealed to The Korea Times."Every Pyongyang district, particularly where the North Korean leadership is possibly hidden, will be completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and high-explosive shells".

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