'Keep Posting Information': Puerto Rico Residents In The Dark After Maria Strikes

President Trump to Visit Puerto Rico

President Trump to Visit Puerto Rico

The head of Puerto Rico's disaster management agency, Abner Gomez said none of the customers of Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority had any electricity.

"I'm numb", Irizarry said. A hospital and a police station reported broken windows, and a tree fell on an ambulance.

Torres finds solace in his "friends of the diaspora boricua" (other Puerto Ricans on the U.S. mainland), who are also anxiously awaiting information about relief efforts for their home. "It's perfect. And of course, the food, the music". We have a big team of FEMA working right now on the ground now in Puerto Rico.

The outermost region is characterized by what is known as spiral rainbands, heavy showers that trace an inward spiral toward the storm's center.

But Marisola Escobales, whose family lives in the Puerto Rican countryside, said many homes there are not stable and won't survive the storm. "We don't want to just send stuff to Puerto Rico and there be nobody there to pick it up". Dozens of people, some wearing caps and t-shirts emblazoned with the Puerto Rican flag, arrived with donations and stayed for lunch.

Directors from the emergency operation center in Montgomery County have been deployed to Florida over the past couple of weeks. Some people resorted to rafts and kayaks to get around.

GlobalGiving is supplying emergency supplies across the Caribbean in addition to longer-term recovery help. They did seem to be staging in a way that they could move people among the shelters if they needed to. "She is 82 and has never in her life been so afraid". I pressed my hand against the weather-resistant glass and felt as the wind first tried to push the window into the house, then pull it back. We're also seeing water rising in the streets, which I know is a concern.

Connecticut's own Puerto Rican community waited anxiously to hear from loved ones while Hurricane Maria charged through their native country. Puerto Rico officials have estimated that fully restoring power to the island could take "months". "That helped me personally to continue to drive on adrenaline and do what I am required to do".

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"There are a lot of old people here who are going without necessities". It's expected to skirt the Dominican Republic by tomorrow, continuing northeast and passing near Turks and Caicos Thursday night and the Bahamas by Saturday morning. Maria's eye opened up, and there were clear areas where the sea surface shows through. And a bunch of them have (unintelligible). Details remained sketchy about the evacuation with communications hampered after the storm.

CHANG: That was Carlos Mercader. The forecaster's colleagues have certainly noticed.

"We haven't heard anything from them", she said.

"It's like something automatically clicked", he said. This is like a military battle deployment.

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