United Nations needs $200 million to cater for displaced Rohingya in Bangladesh

A group of Rohingya refugees after crossing the Bangladesh Myanmar border on 1 September 2017

A group of Rohingya refugees after crossing the Bangladesh Myanmar border on 1 September 2017. File

"They are illegal immigrants", he said while addressing a seminar organised by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

The Centre had told the top court that Rohingya refugees pose a big security threat as many of them have links with terror organisations and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

More than 422,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar since August 25, when attacks by Rohingya militants triggered a military crackdown.

Protesters who gathered outside the Aishbagh Eidgah after Friday prayers on September 15 demanded that the Indian government pressure the United Nations to file a case against Myanmar in the International Criminal Court over the violence against Muslims and Hindus in Rohingya.

Rohingya have faced persecution and discrimination in majority-Buddhist Burma for decades and are denied citizenship, even though many families have lived there for generations.

Considering that no country in the world today wants to shelter refugees, it would be naïve on the part of India to succumb to pressure from human rights activists to embrace the Rohingyas.

The recent exodus of Rohingya has brought the number of refugees from Rakhine living in Bangladesh to over 800,000, Hasina said.

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The external affairs ministry then recognised that those fleeing Rakhine State are refugees - though the home ministry believes they no longer deserve that designation once they are in India.

Bangladesh High Commissioner in New Delhi Syed Muazzem Ali had met Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar and discussed the issue of Rohingyas in detail. They have not come here after following proper procedures.

Currently, 16,000 Rohingyas living in India are registered with the United Nations while 40,000 are said to be living illegally.

Mr Murphy, who spent three days in Myanmar this week, said there were "many points of responsibility" and he wanted to see everyone follow through on commitments that Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi made to uphold rights and the law in an address to the nation on Tuesday, Reuters reported. The Rohingya petitioners told the SC that the central government might be right in stating that deportation, diplomatic relations, citizenship, extradition etc were exclusively within the domain of the legislature and the executive, but "unconstitutional/excessive exercise of powers by Parliament and executive could be scrutinised for its validity by the judiciary".

Addressing the UN General Assembly in NY on Thursday she urged the UN secretary general to immediately send there a "Fact-Finding Mission" and suggested several other steps to stop the ethnic cleansing.

"They called some men out and asked them to fight the security forces ... a few hours after we heard gunshots", she added.

Amnesty said: "Local sources in northern Rakhine State claim the fires were started by members of the Myanmar security forces and local vigilante mobs".

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