Gov. Cuomo joins emergency relief team in Puerto Rico

Gov. Cuomo joins emergency relief team in Puerto Rico

Gov. Cuomo joins emergency relief team in Puerto Rico

After nearly a year of working to pull itself from what was considered a fiscal death spiral, Puerto Rico finds itself in a vortex of a humanitarian crisis wrought by Hurricane Maria. They're planning to get together Monday evening to come up with a plan on collecting donations such as clothing, food and drinking water to deliver.

"Months and months and months and months are going to pass before we can recover from this", Felix Delgado, mayor of Catano, Puerto Rico, told the Associated Press.

The Joint Task Force-Leeward Islands, which is supporting relief efforts to the islands of St. Martin and Dominica after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, is moving its main command and control element to Martinique, the U.S. Southern Command said in a statement.

For Jennifer Lopez, this hits home. The councilwoman has still not been in touch with many of her own family members still there. The sound of chain saws and small bulldozers could be heard across San Juan as firefighters removed trees and lifted toppled lamp posts.

"One-thousand dollars, $500", Olivencia said.

"You get spotty reception every now and then; you might be talking, next thing you know it's gone, so you gotta say what you gotta say or text it. Messenger, I believe, is working the best", said Ortiz.

"Puerto Rico is ruined".

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Marc Anthony is doing the same, noting that Puerto Rico had been a safe haven for residents of other Caribbean nations during Irma.

Image from video shows boy waving as helicopter approached a capsized vessel off Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. And I'm surprised that people have remained as calm as they have because, I mean, even just driving around yesterday in that neighborhood, there were people, like, lowering their windows, asking if they've seen their loved ones because in that scenario, some people have been taken to shelters.

Maria as "one of the greatest natural disasters" in recent U.S. history, on a par with Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Gomez said. But the plea from these celebrities is already yielding results.

SCHMIDT: Thank you very much.

Daddy Yankee: "Muchas gracias, muchas gracias".

However, Cuomo says he sent a crew to help.

787-777-0940 is a radio station that is taking emergency calls for people who need help.

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