Tillerson, Zarif in first meeting with partners on Iran nuclear deal

In a clear swipe at Mr Trump, Mr Rouhani said he hoped diplomacy would not be undermined by 'rogue newcomers to the world of politics'.

Trump and top USA officials this week at the United Nations General Assembly discussed the issue with members who took part in negotiating the Iran deal.

The US will see "painful responses" from Iran following the accusations made by President Donald Trump in his speech at the UN General Assembly, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said.

The stakes are high.

President Barack Obama's U.N. speeches always managed to make it sound like the United States was no different from Iran and North Korea.

In a social media video message recorded at the United Nations in New York, Mr Johnson referred to Mr Trump's debut speech at the annual gathering of world leaders. Iran and the other parties to the deal have said that won't happen.

Tillerson says President Donald Trump has decided whether to withdraw from the deal, but hasn't shared his decision with anyone "externally".

Several of Trump's advisors, including Tillerson and United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, have argued that Iran's ballistic missile tests and support for militant groups breaches the "spirit" of the deal.

The deal set limits on Iran's nuclear activities and allowed regular inspections of the facilities inside Iran.

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President Trump says he has made a decision about what to do on the Iran nuclear deal.

Tehran agreed to surrender most of its enriched uranium and place its nuclear sites under United Nations inspection in return for the lifting of many USA and European sanctions. This is - this is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talking about the nuclear agreement, and this was yesterday on Fox News.

The six will meet with Iran at the ministerial level on Wednesday.

Mark Farha, assistant professor at Doha Institute, told Al Jazeera Trump was being ambiguous on objective.

"Now we will all try to convince the Americans in the remaining weeks. that calling the agreement into question will not increase security", Gabriel said.

Macron signaled openness to a follow-up agreement, saying that the deal was no longer enough to safeguard against growing power of Tehran in the Middle East. And we thought this was the best way to prevent a nuclear weapon and to prevent another war. Tillerson has also said Iran is in "default" of the deal's exceptions in the preamble which states that the deal should drive down tensions between Iran and the rest of the world.

"The greatest capital that any country has is trust and credibility".

Tillerson said there also is evidence of fuel shortages in North Korea following the passage of new UN Security Council sanctions. "Before that happens it may be possible to bring Kim Jong Un to the table". It seems like USA foreign policy will have a certain focus on the Iranian regime.

"I think if it was anybody else, they would have done the same". He joins me now to talk about Trump's critique of the deal. Bolton wants more robust sanctions to permanently stop nuclear technology from being transferred to Iran.

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