Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With a Minor

Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With a Minor

Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With a Minor

Weiner wanted two years probation because he argued that he has an obsession with sexting as a whole, not an obsession with underaged girls. The memo also suggested Weiner himself was a victim of the scandal, saying the North Carolina high school student initiated contact with him because she "hoped somehow to influence the US presidential election" and write a tell-all book. He must surrender to prison officials by November 6.

Weiner announced his resignation from Congress.

Abedin, 41, previously wrote to the court that their 5-year-old son should not suffer due to Weiner's perversion.

Indeed, his pattern of behavior even prompted the long-suffering Abedin to finally file for divorce after Weiner's guilty plea.

Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for sending obscene material to a 15-year-old girl.

Weiner's conduct in all its shocking point of interest - including his online nom de plume "Carlos Danger" and a selfie of his protruding clothing - transformed him and his last name into a compelling punchline for late-night funnies and humiliated his significant other over and over.

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Weiner's lawyers claim their client has learned his lesson, asserting that his compulsive sexting is a "deep sickness", CBS relayed.

The long-suffering former Hillary Clinton aide was a no-show at her sext-fiend husband's sentencing Monday, leaving him to learn of his 21-month prison sentence alone. He then ran for Congress himself, winning seven terms as a Democrat representing New York's 9th Congressional District, which covered Brooklyn and Queens at the time.

He cited the nation's capacity to forgive, recalling that Weiner, even after resigning from Congress in disgrace, was leading the NY mayoral primary race when new sexting disclosures emerged. But, pictures and sexts he had sent to a 22-year-old woman were obtained by the press, sending his campaign into a spiral.

He suffered his first electoral setback when he failed in his 2005 bid to become New York City mayor.

After the Daily Mail broke news on the story in September 2016, federal investigators discovered emails from Hillary Clinton's private email server on Weiner's electronic devices. In late October, then-FBI Director James Comey announced that the bureau would review the emails to see if they contained classified information, saying that the messages appeared "to be pertinent" to the previously closed investigation into Clinton's email server. Over the next few hours Weiner exchanged messages with her that ranged "from the mundane to the provocative".

Ms Clinton, since her surprise electoral loss, has repeatedly said that she thinks that Mr Comey's announcement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking at those emails is the reason she lost the election.

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