Doyle McManus: Will Trump's 'Rocket Man' speech lead us to war?

Doyle McManus: Will Trump's 'Rocket Man' speech lead us to war?

Doyle McManus: Will Trump's 'Rocket Man' speech lead us to war?

The ostensible goal of President Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations on Tuesday was to explain to the world why "America First" is an idea other countries should embrace. Using the logic of Trump - that the USA has the right to defend its interests - North Korea is also entitled to take appropriate measures to ward off threats to its security. Besides the "Rocket Man" jibe, he called North Korea "this band of criminals".

Sitting in the audience, as Trump uttered this insult, were leaders of the other nations who, along with the United States, negotiated the Iran deal. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he had spoken at length Thursday with the head of China's central bank but "I am not going to comment on confidential discussions".

"Do you want to do business with us, or do you want to do business with North Korea?" Everyone knows this, yet no one dares to say it for fear it will expose the United Nations for the failure that it is. His solution, a return to nationalism, would be warmly welcomed by most of the world's major players - Russian Federation and China, but also countries such as India and Turkey - which tend to act on the basis of their narrow self-interest. Take just 30 seconds and sign up for WND's Email News Alerts! According to The New York Times, State Department specialists sent to New York from the Africa bureau (in which I served for 10 years), for example, were slashed from 30 to three, and US delegations on topics such as human rights and foreign assistance were eliminated altogether. He better ask the Japanese whom the United States used the deadly weapon against. "I think we have the answer". On the subject of North Korea's nuclear program and threats, Trump asserted America's ability and willingness to "totally destroy" the country. President George W. Bush made no meaningful moves to toughen things up. But if you took the time to watch and listen to what was being said during a complete airing of the speech, such as you can easily find on YouTube or via C-SPAN, you would have to come to a different conclusion. The real explanation in the case of Iran lies with the U.S. administration acceding to the reckless lobbying by both Israel and Saudi Arabia to lure us into a war with Iran for the narrow interests of those two countries (at least "interests" as warmongers in the two countries perceive them). In thanks for two Security Council condemnations of North Korea, he extended his hand - last week for a handshake. The British and French agreed that the Budapest guaranty of Ukraines security had been violated by Russian Federation, but the Obama administration waffled.

The North Korean regime's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) warned that it might now attack U.S. targets if it detects that United States forces are preparing to destroy it. As he has said since the speech, he wants to sit down for some new negotiations that could just possibly make everyone safer. Trump also thanked China and Russian Federation for their diplomatic help and pushed them to do more. But Mr. Trump gave a speech that was honest, indeed truthful.

Kim Jong Un is deliberately and insanely provoking a nuclear war. "God knows how many banks there are and how many new banks can be created that might be able to facilitate North Korean trade, for example, with Iran".

He did reserve the right to take action against his axis of evil - Venezuela, Iran, Syria and North Korea - but otherwise made clear the United States was not much interested in the rest of the world. So too did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recklessly and relentlessly itches for the United States to destroy Iran. Nikki Haley, our United Nations ambassador, argued that the president's speech was a diplomatic win because "every other worldwide community" has now started calling Kim "Rocket Man", too.

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When Ukraine pledged to give up the nuclear weapons it inherited when the Soviet Union disintegrated (although the control of the missiles had remained in Russia), its security was effectively guaranteed by Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States at Budapest on December 5, 1994, and by China and France shortly after.

What Trump is professing and seems bent upon doing surely does not enjoy the support of all the Americans who also look askance at his designs and loyalty to the US. I thought Pakistan, given its political instability and patronage of some terrorist groups, was a greater danger, but so far, so good.

"After eight years of global governance kind of rhetoric from Obama and the weakness that he projected, maybe some people are shocked when they hear what a real American president has to say", he said. It requires giving up on the idea that presidents should be eloquent, persuasive, responsible and thoughtful. "In America, plain speaking is a virtue, and it's important that these other countries hear it".

President Donald J. Trump's United Nations speech exuded what he called 'principled realism, ' a doctrine where noble ideals are reconciled with reality to draw up practical and feasible solutions to contemporary problems. Simply put, I'm just part of the delegation so I can get direct information and connect Filipinos around the world. He said the Iran nuclear deal was "an embarrassment" and its regional actions were a "scourge", but he didn't say he would tear up the deal.

There is little doubt that the European governments will respond to the growing threat of war by accelerating their multi-billion-euro defence spending increases, led by Germany and its now three-year-old campaign to re-militarise its foreign policy.

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