Elon Musk aiming to send people to Mars by 2024

Elon Musk aiming to send people to Mars by 2024

Elon Musk aiming to send people to Mars by 2024

Using his SpaceX company's upcoming BFR rocket, Musk hopes to send two unmanned cargo ships to the Red Planet in 2022 and human passengers just two years later. And yes, the name means what you think it means.

This proposed method of traveling from one city to another would be, by far, the fastest ever. "It's 2017", Musk said.

This would mean real progress for SpaceX, founded in 2002 with the objective to make humans a "multiplanetary" species.

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"If we can do that then all the resources that are used for Falcon9, Dragon and Heavy can by applied to this system", he said.

The company has now completed a host of successful re-landings of its Falcon 9 rocket. He believes the BFR rocket can carry out missions to the moon and back without producing propellant, enabling the establishment of a lunar space station. Yes, in a startling twist, Musk stated that the rocket and spaceship, that SpaceX is building to reach moon and Mars, will also be used to fly people anywhere and everywhere on Earth within just one hour. "It could take up to 240 passengers, but more likely around 100 people, to Mars and elsewhere", online magazine Engadget reported. Moreover, his Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) recently signed an agreement with the govt of Andhra Pradesh to connect the two cities of Vijayawada and Amaravathi. In addition, other city-to-city rocket journeys would take no longer than an hour.

The project, codenamed BFR (Big Fucking Rocket), would see people board a boat which would transport them out to a floating launch pad. The billionaire entrepreneur clarified these costs that a ticket on the BFR would cost the same as an economy airline seat. SpaceX plans to begin building the ships to handle the mission next year. "I feel fairly confident that we can complete the ship and be ready for a launch in about five years".

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