Influenza immunizations shows your commitment to protect others' health

Influenza immunizations shows your commitment to protect others' health

Influenza immunizations shows your commitment to protect others' health

There is usually no need to see a doctor if you have flu-like symptoms and are generally fit and healthy.

The dreaded viral flu season is nearly here - and it'll likely stick around like an unwanted houseguest until as late as May.

If someone is infected despite vaccination, generally they have a milder illness than if they'd skipped the shot, Schaffner said. Third, if you get the flu, take antiviral medications, such as Tamiflu.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy said in a statement this week that the 2017 season has been characterised by high levels of influenza A (H3N2), a strain which disproportionately affects older people. Each person was tracked three times a week over a six-week period. These antibodies provide protection against infection with the viruses that are in the vaccine.

As seen in previous years, those who work in hospital settings accounted for the highest vaccination rates among healthcare professionals at 92.3% while workers at long-term care facilities had the lowest vaccination rate at 68%.

How should you treat flu?

Well, when stress isn't an issue, it's not only a load off your mind, but your immune system, too.

"I really don't like shots at all, but actually they can really, really help", said Goggins. "We know that all kids are at risk for the flu and for complications of the flu".

These results give a fascinating insight into the weird workings of immunisation, even if we keep in mind the relatively small sample size and the fact that this was a prospective observational study - so it's tricky to establish a solid causal link.

In the short term, they benefit us with heightened awareness and increased energy, but when prolonged, the effects are less helpful. There are many flu viruses, and they are always changing.

In short, the better you feel mentally, the better your body will function physically.

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Robinson said it's important to get a flu shot not just to protect yourself, but to protect others.

Teenager Grace Goggins got her flu shot Thursday and says she avoids spreading germs by avoiding eating and drinking after friends.

And, trust me, I sympathize. Children can often be contagious longer than seven days.

Try some deep breathing exercises. Talk to your physician when you arrive about your options to help you stay relaxed while getting the vaccine, and consider telling them what behaviors make you anxious.

"The stakes are very serious", Health and Human Services Secretary Thomas Price said Thursday after receiving a flu shot at a press conference.

For those of you furiously shaking your head at the entirety of this article, that's fair.

Shots are available through local health care providers, pharmacies and grocery stores.

For this year's flu season, about 166 million doses of vaccine will be available, Price said. Although people tend to mischaracterize it, an upset stomach that passes in a day or two likely isn't the flu, Sheehy said.

"A lot of people get anxious about the needle", Ahn said.

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