The sad suspicion about Trump's shameful treatment of Puerto Rico

Residents line up gas cans as they wait for a gas truck to service an empty gas station in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Loiza Puerto Rico. Federal aid is racing to stem a humanitarian crisis in towns left without fresh water fuel electricity

The sad suspicion about Trump's shameful treatment of Puerto Rico

There are certain people trying to politicize President Donald Trump's response to the situation in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, but the recovery efforts are progressing, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway insisted Friday.

"We seem to be losing a lot of time in jurisdictional trifles", San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz said in an interview Wednesday.

Jose Ayala, the Crowley shipping company's Vice President in Puerto Rico, said: "We now have approximately 3,000 containers full of emergency supplies relief cargo".

"Look at the president's tweets last night about Puerto Rico, he's borderline blaming them for their indebtedness", she said, before using the occasion to blast Trump for his own bankruptcy filings in the past.

Mr Trump said the storms were of "historic and catastrophic severity" and a "massive federal mobilisation" was underway involving over 10,000 federal personnel and 5,000 members of the USA military.

Carlos Pagan walks in his destroyed house by Hurricane Maria in Yabucoa, in the east of Puerto Rico, on September 28, 2017. At least 16 people have died, although some experts say that number is likely to grow. "This is a life-or-death story".

There are lessons to be learned for the rest of the country, and as Puerto Rico rebuilds, an opportunity for the territory to rethink its energy grid that could prove a road map for the continental United States. President Trump is going to be visiting the islands next week.

"The response to Harvey and Irma and previous disasters has been much more substantial", Carter said.

And on Twitter, the President quoted the Governor of Puerto Rico.

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"Well before this year's series of historically powerful hurricanes, Puerto Rico already had a notoriously fickle power supply and crushing debt", NPR reported. Then he added: "I can tell you this: We have done an incredible job considering there is absolutely nothing to work with".

Rookwood and her husband, Davin Safer, were on the island of Vieques when the storm crashed in, and could not find a way back to the Puerto Rico mainland for several days, until they finally were given a ride on a private plane.

"This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water" he said at a news conference on Friday.

Cruz's comments on Friday were in response to a senior USA official calling the disaster response in Puerto Rico "a good news story". But if that medical assistance is sitting at the port, it's theoretically in Puerto Rico, but it's not enough.

It comes after the Mayor of San Juan made a desperate plea for federal help. "And as you might imagine, it's very hard to run a hospital that way", he said.

Tom Tarbox waited an hour in line at an ATM near the beach in San Juan on Wednesday in sweltering heat.

Amid the tragedy, Trump said the one bright spot so far is the ability of relief and rescue crews to keep the hurricane-related death toll to a minimum. Dead bodies are now being found, federal response is slow, and our commander in chief stated previously that he wants to revoke the citizenship of Puerto Ricans.

Now some politicians and renewable energy investors see a golden opportunity in the crisis to use federal funds to re-invent the U.S. territory's grid as a storm-resistant network that relies less on costly coal and oil imports and more on local wind, solar and batteries.

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