New PlayStation VR hardware includes small but welcome changes

New PlayStation VR hardware includes small but welcome changes

New PlayStation VR hardware includes small but welcome changes

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the PlayStation VR will get a hardware update bringing some improvements to the cabling and to the processor unit.

Sony said that the updated Processor Box is not compatible with existing PSVR HMDs because the revised version features a slim data cable with, presumably, a new plug. However, this can only be used when the VR headset is turned off.

Anyone who owns a PSVR headset already will be sad to learn that it's not possible to swap Processor Units with the new model.

Sony will release an updated version of its PlayStation VR headset with minor improvements, the company announced on October 2. The new version offers minor changes, such as an improved data cable, better headphone jack placement, and a revised Processor Unit.

Other than these few tweaks, the PS VR is pretty much the same as it's always been, and Sony will keep the pricing the same as well, which sits around the £300 mark depending on different retailers. The new headset commonly referred to as the PS VR packs numerous improvements over its predecessor.

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Because the cables of CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2 are different, you can not swap the Processor Units.

Sony notes that consumers will be able to distinguish between the older and new PSVRs though their slightly different packaging. The previous headset model number was CUH-ZVR1, and the new PlayStation VR headset has a model number of CUH-ZVR2. The headset itself will not display HDR, however, and so HDR is only passed through when the unit is in standby.

This ensures that Sony will continue to support the PlayStation VR, at least in the near-term.

Yes, all PS VR games are compatible with both PS VR models.

There's neither a release date for South Africa at this point, nor is there an RRP available. It costs 44,980 yen (about $398), so don't expect this to new model to have a big price drop if it does release elsewhere. Instead, it's been tweaked to streamline the cables and add some new features to the mix.

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