Trump Just Attacked The San Juan Mayor In These Disgusting Tweets

The Navy's hospital ship Comfort departs from Norfolk Va. to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico

The Navy's hospital ship Comfort departs from Norfolk Va. to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico

Cruz, in emotional appeals on TV on Friday, has become the face of Puerto Rican officials distraught over what some of them charge is insufficient response by the US government to the crisis.

No long lines for you. "I know there's a tendency for fatigue because we've just been through two hurricanes".

Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said his constituents are in dire need of aid, but said he's been satisfied with the federal government's role in responding to the crisis.

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera grilled San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Sunday after President Donald Trump attacked her on Twitter for complaining about his government's response to Hurricane Maria.

"We have done a great job with the nearly impossible situation in Puerto Rico", Trump wrote on Sunday.

"Clearly, the situation here in Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane is not satisfactory, but together we are getting there and the progress today is very strong", Duke said. Miranda fought back with, "She has been working 24/7".

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US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to laud his government's "amazing job" after Hurricane Maria and continued to jeer at Puerto Ricans who have called for more efficient federal relief from the damage caused by the most powerful storm to strike the territory in almost 90 years.

The mayor has also accused the federal government of "killing us with their inefficiency". "Do you want to go smoke a Virginia Slim until your hand stops moving?"

For her part, Cruz said she has "only one goal, and it's saving lives" and said she has "been quite complimentary of the people from HHS and FEMA".

At least 16 people were killed by Hurricane Maria when the storm hit last weekend. And the lieutenant general in charge of coordinating relief efforts said that a 10,000 person response was "not enough".

"I think we have to filter out the noise", he said from FEMA headquarters. "Not fair to FR or effort!" the president tweeted on Saturday.

A United Airlines pilot had flown into Puerto Rico on a humanitarian mission but didn't want to leave without filling his plane with people who wanted to leave.

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