Abbeville County Sheriff's Office raises awareness for domestic violence

Abbeville County Sheriff's Office raises awareness for domestic violence

Abbeville County Sheriff's Office raises awareness for domestic violence

In 2015, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's office responded to 1,852 calls for family violence and about 5,505 cases were reported to other local law enforcement agencies in Hidalgo County.

Tu Casa, Inc., a non-profit agency, helps individuals of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, and human trafficking.

► The "Put a Nail In It" campaign will also kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. While the rate of domestic violence in our country has decreased over the last two decades, domestic violence continues to spread across our Nation. "October is our month to recognize the victims who are living with, who have persevered through or tragically lost their lives to domestic violence, and we achieve this through increased community involvement and awareness".

"Going to court to prosecute somebody, and the next day they make bond, and then they come back and they hit me so hard in my face", said Kimberly Moore, a survivor of domestic violence.

She appealed to the community to "unify our voices, so we can send the message to our abusers and offenders - violence is not welcome in the CNMI". "We believe that whenever communities comes together to share their commitment to ending the cycles of domestic violence and abuse, real and positive change can and does happen".

Below is a list of upcoming events for Domestic violence awareness month. Together we can bolster victims' support networks and encourage and empower them to report offenses.

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"I am pleased to proclaim October "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" in order to help increase awareness of this awful problem plaguing our country and even our own community".

Multiple events are scheduled, starting Saturday, to adress the issue of domestic violence in Hunt County.

The month's official color is purple, which, according to, exemplifies hope for survivors and dedication to ending violence.

"I ask everyone to stand with me, to stand with the Coordinated Community Response Team, with the Cleveland County High Risk Team, its members and its leaders to say, 'No more!'" Johnson said.

Over half of female and male victims of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner experienced some form of intimate partner violence for the first time before 25 years of age.

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