Las Vegas shooting aftermath: Find loved ones, donate blood, donate funds

Video appears to show the first shots during a reported mass shooting in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas authorities are calling for blood donations in the wake of a mass shooting that injured more than 500 people and killed 59 at a country music concert Sunday night. Now, blood donation centers across the country are asking for help. Even if you aren't near Las Vegas, blood banks and hospitals network together to get supplies where they need to go.

Hitchcock said she hopes there will be more security measures put in place on the strip because of the shooting, but she does not think this will impact how people view Las Vegas in the long run.

A donation of whole blood can be made every eight weeks, and platelet donors can come in every two weeks. But despite the wait times, the Las Vegas community is happy and proud to do their part to help the victims of the horrific shooting.

Mesa County Regional Blood Centers offered to send blood to hospitals in Las Vegas but at the moment they have plenty.

Baxter Auto Group helped answer that call and hosted blood drives at three of their metro locations Monday. Edward is encouraging donors to spread out appointments throughout the week to allow United Blood Services to process and replenish supplies. I don't know what's in this guy's head, but you can't live like that.

Three days after the deadliest mass shooting in USA history, Flagstaff residents arrived in droves at the Northern Arizona University Union on Wednesday to donate blood for the victims.

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For many residents, that means giving blood.

OBI said if donors are needed, they will announce it on their Facebook page.

In Nevada, people as young as 17 to donate without parental consent; 16-year-olds can donate as well, but only with parental consent (find the form you'll need right here).

"We want them to be in good general health".

The Oakland Raiders, who will relocate to Las Vegas, donated $50,000 to a GoFundMe set up by a local official in the Nevada city.

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